Midway Monday: Chicago Bears Versus Seattle Seahawks Edition

Joseph MoroniContributor ISeptember 28, 2009

Devin Hester: No 1 receiver ?

 Devin Hester has always been the most electrifying player on the Bears roster. This is mainly due to his vision on the field as well as his ability to use his blinding speed to make players miss. As his career has progressed the Bears have hope that his big play ability would translate into a successful career as a wide receiver. Rumors have persisted that Hester doesn't know how to run routes, doesn't understand the playbook, and doesn't have the hands necessary to become the team's number one receiver.

This past week may have just been the coming-out party of Hester at wide receiver. He finished the day with five catches for 76 yards and a touchdown late in the fourth-quarter that gave the Bears a lead they would not relinquish in a 25 -- 19 victory over the Seattle Seahawks. While 76 yards doesn't sound so impressive, the poise that Hester has shown over the first three games is very impressive.

He has made about three or four big-time catches to pick up very important first downs. Hester's biggest catch came yesterday with the Bears trailing by two late in the fourth-quarter and the Bears driving for a winning field goal. Cutler rocketed a pass over the middle that Hester jumped in the air for, made a spectacular grab and made the two defenders miss before taking off down the middle of the field for what would turn out to be the winning touchdown.

If Hester continues making strides every week, by the time the playoffs roll around you could be the biggest all-around threat on any team.

The lonely kickers
In a disturbing or delightful turn of events depending on what side you were on, the kicking game has the difference in the last two games for the Bears. Just as the Steelers did at soldier Field during week two, the Seahawks missed two seemingly easy field goals that if made, would probably have spelled victory for them. This is not to say that the Bears have not deserved the victories that they have so far, it just goes to show you our important a kicking game is to the game of football.

Briggs/Roach bear down
With Brian Urlacher and Hunter Hillenmeyer down in yesterday's game, the Bears linebackers came through huge. After Hunter went down with a rib injury in the third quarter, Nick Roach was inserted in his place. Lance Briggs could be seen in the huddle and before snaps coaching the young free safety on how to play the position. Many of the things that Roach did are not going to show up on the stat sheet. He chased Seattle quarterback Seneca Wallace to the corner of the end zone, forcing him to throw into coverage and into the waiting arms of Lance Briggs for a late interception. He also forced Wallace's throw high over the head of Julius Jones to win the game for the Bears.

Briggs on the other hand, was all over the field making six solo tackles, one assist and a big sack to hold the Seahawks to a field goal. Briggs has taken over the leadership role left by number 54 and has looked great doing it. Sunday's game was for linebackers game, hopefully as the year goes on the linebackers and the defensive line can put together a great game on the same day.

Good Cutler/Bad Cutler
Since Bad Cutler reared his ugly head on an interception ridden afternoon in Green Bay during week one, he had yet to reappear until this past Sunday. Even though his stay wasn't very long, it was long enough to keep the Seahawks close. During the first quarter, Cutler looked to be struggling to find his receivers and even overthrew a couple of passes. But after an early interception and a fumbled snap, Cutler was back in form just in time for the fourth quarter. For the second straight week he led the Bears on the winning drive, this time culminating in a touchdown. For a Bears fan like myself, it feels very strange to have a quarterback that can be relied upon in a clutch situation. It's probably been more than 10 years since we have had anything close to what we have in Cutler.

Next week: Detroit Lions.
The Bears return home to soldier Field next Sunday to host the Detroit Lions.

The Lions are coming off their first win in 18 games as they defeated the Washington Redskins in week three. The Bears should not have any problems offensively against the Lions. But for some reason the lions always seem to play well offensively against the Bears, especially in the ground game. Beware of the Lions simply because they are riding high after finally putting that terrible losing streak to bed. However look for the Bears to strike early and often against Detroit's Defense en route to a 27 -- 10 victory.