The Miz Vs Swagger Vs Kofi: The Outcome Could Speak Volumes

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 28, 2009

Hello, everyone. As always, I would like to thank all of you for joining me today.


As we approach the upcoming “Hell In The Cell” PPV this Sunday. There are a number of matches that should turn out to be good.  The one match that has really caught my eye though is the triple threat match for the U.S title.


Out of all the titles in the WWE today, it is the U.S title that probably has the most juice right now. Koffi Kingston has done an outstanding job holding the title lately. He brings a refreshing style to the ring and looks generally happy to be wrestling.


If you throw the Miz, and Swagger into that title picture, then we have one heck of a 3-way dance for this Sunday. If I had things my way I would prefer to see Swagger walk out of the ring as champ.


No matter who wins though, it should wind up being one heck of a match. All three competitors are making noise on raw these days. I also think that all three are more then capable of doing the U.S title justice.


This is more than a match for the U.S title though. I think the outcome will determine who heads in what direction. It should be interesting on how things pan out after this match.


If Swagger wins the title then I can see him holding on to the belt for a while. It would be a natural step into the heavyweight title picture. For some reason though, I don’t see things panning out this way.


At the end of this bout I think we will see the MIZ come out as the winner. I’m sure this will lead into more great matches with him and Koffi. Where does this leave Swagger afterwards?


It is unlikely that he will continue to challenge for the U.S title if the Miz wins it. It is very rare to see two heels or faces feud with each other. If Koffi hangs on to it that could be a possibility.


My gut instinct says that it will be the Miz that wins it, though. So lets say hypothetically the Miz does win this Sunday. What direction does that push Swagger?  Considering how fast they have pushed him I doubt he will be a mid carder.


It also seems unlikely that that he will go after the tag titles. Here is a scenario that would be very feasible for Jack Swagger. Lets assume that Cena retains the belt after this Sunday.


After the last Raw it was made pretty clear that if Orton lost it would be his last chance. So if they actually stick to that story line, whom will Cena wrestle? How many other top heels are on Raw right now?


We have the Big Show, Legacy, and Jack Swagger. If I am missing any other heels please let me know. I guess it is possible that the show could go for the title. I think that would be a very boring main event though.


I also find it very unlikely that we will see Rhodes or DiBiase wrestling for the strap. Those two just aren’t ready for that main event spot yet. I think it is pretty clear that Swagger is your choice here.


Whether you like him or not, you have to admit that he is more then capable in the ring. He can probably out wrestle most of the entire WWE roster. So I have no doubt he is up to the task of hanging in there with a mediocre Cena.


The next question you would have to ask would be, if Swagger were ready for the main event spotlight? I honestly don’t see a problem here either. He was the ECW champ and did a very good job representing the belt.


If you throw into the mix that these two put on a 5 star match a while back. I don’t see how he isn’t the perfect choice for Cena’s title. I’m not saying put the belt on him already. It would be crazy to throw the strap on him now.


It would be interesting though, to see if he is ready to carry a feud with the heavyweight champ. It could be a key move in this young mans career. It would also give the fans an idea if he were ready for the main event stage.


It is time that the WWE took the kid gloves off the “All American American”. I want to see for myself if this kid has what it takes. I know some may disagree with me, but what the heck, it couldn’t be any worst then seeing Orton Vs Cena round 200.


I would like to thank all of you again for joining me today.

As always, have a safe day and God bless.