Robert Griffin's Injury Sparks a Win for Texas A&M?

Mark SmithContributor ISeptember 28, 2009

AUSTIN, TX - NOVEMBER 8:  Quarterback Robert Griffin #10 of the Baylor Bears runs the ball during the game against the Texas Longhorns on November 8, 2008 at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Texas.  Texas won 45-21. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

The Baylor fan base was rocked by the news that their high-profile sophomore quarterback is now out for the season.  This is tough news for a team with high expectations for this season.

Though many hate to see an injury to a great athlete like Robert Griffin, defensive coordinators and fans throughout the Big 12 collectively joined in a sigh of relief.  Relief in that their teams no long have to worry on how to cover the amazing dual-threat athlete.  Joining in that sigh was, no doubt, Texas A&M.

Aggie Fans everywhere are now seemingly chalking up the A&M-Baylor game on Nov. 21 at Kyle Field as a win for the Fightin’ Farmers.  Boards everywhere are being lit up with comments like "I feel bad for Griffin, but it’s now a win for A&M."  I even read somewhere that Griffin’s injury was good for the Big 12.

My response: Really, Ags?  Look, I love my Aggies and I want to see them continue to win, and hopefully against better competition than the teams they’ve played thus far.  So yes, Griffin not being available for the Texas A&M game does make that game more winnable.  However, that notion is bittersweet.

I would rather play a Baylor team (or any team) with their best players and beat them.  To me, that is the only way to get a true "payback" for the embarrassing loss the Ags were dealt in Waco last year.

I have said before that I believe A&M would win this battle in a close match prior to the season.  But, no matter how good this A&M team turns out being, the win (if it happens) will not mean the same if Griffin is not under center.

So, be prepared, Ags.  If the Bears leave College Station with a loss, everyone (save the Aggie Faithful) will believe that BU lost because Griffin was out.  Can you imagine what everyone would say if Baylor wins?

A&M fans everywhere better hope the Aggies win.  If they don’t, you might as well stay off the boards for a few months.  Like, say, 12 of them.

For those who think that Griffin's injury is good for the Big 12, you’re seriously mistaken.  Regardless what you think is just hype or not, any athlete in the Big 12 that garners national attention is great for the conference.  Bradford, McCoy, Griffin, Dez Bryant.  All bring positive attention to what I still feel is the best conference.

Their hype provides their respective schools a platform to showcase what is great about their institution.  It also provides each of their competitors the opportunity to beat those top notch players and gain attention themselves.

Saying any player’s injury is good for the conference is not only delusional, but also classless and shows a lack of sportsmanship.

Good luck to the Ags and Bears in the rest of their season.  Best wishes on a speedy recovery for Griffin.  The Big 12 will miss out on some great highlights this year.

I look forward to watching my Ags play a tough Arkansas team this week at Jerry's world.  I also look forward to seeing just how much more this team has improved from last year.

Gig 'Em Ags!