Trojan SCoop: USC Vs. Washington State Lackluster, But Food Impresses

Mitchell GoldenCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2009

So, the USC-WSU matchup led to an unhappy end for both teams. While USC started off hot, their lack of offense worried many fans. And Washington State, well they just lost. They did score against USC for the first time since 2007, though.

Some thoughts that I've heard from fans on campus:

  • Special Teams is a BIG concern. One of my friends is legitimately trying out for kicker next year. Sadly, a walk-on med student might perform better than our kicker is now. Same goes for our punter, who can't seem to find distance
  • Matt Barkley, despite leading a sputtering offense for the second and third quarters, is a much better decision-maker than Aaron Corp. He "has a gun," according to one fan, and for the most part throws it only where the receiver can make a play. He is not afraid to take a sack, nor throw it away if no one is open. Maintaining a 60 percent completion percentage, and a 3:1 TD:INT ratio, Barkley is playing some solid football. Not stellar, but certainly solid.

Other than those two thoughts, not much has been said about the last game. There are worries that they didn't produce after the first quarter, but otherwise it was a standard win.

So, I've decided to focus on another aspect of USC Football games: the food. So, for your culinary enjoyment, here are two food vendors known to students (legendary to some), but not necessarily famous outside the confines of the Coliseum.

See what you are missing by not being a student:


Derrick’s Big Sausage:

Every home game, students take the traditional march from campus to their seats. They walk down Trousdale, they kick the flagpole, and walk through the Rose Garden. Once they reach the end of the garden, they walk through the Science museum (unless it is closed like it was for the WSU game).

Then, alas, one is at the Coliseum in all its glory. Students walk down to the student entry, flash their IDs about ten times, and finally enter the stadium.

Greeting them as they enter is not a big sign saying “Welcome Trojans,” nor is it even a guy selling programs. Nay, the first thing a student generally sees upon walking into the student section is a booth selling “Derrick’s Big Sausage—It’s Really Good!” Not only is the brand name of this (turkey) sausage “Derrick’s Big Sausage,” but the booth’s sign also shows a picture of a woman suggestively shoving the sausage into her mouth.

I decided to try Derrick’s Big Sausage yesterday. While they offered me the option of either Turkey or Chicken (apparently they are branching out), I chose the traditional Turkey, loaded with onions and peppers. Derrick’s sausage was delicious, and hopefully will be a staple of the student section concession stand for years to come.


Death Dogs:

After every game, students must make the long walk back to campus. Even if the team wins, the walk is generally boring. Gone is the fanfare and anticipation before the game, and far away is the yummy (inexpensive) food that has eluded students for hours.

Or is it?

Adorning the streets that lead back to campus are the Death Dog sellers, pushing little carts of delicious joy.

“What is a Death Dog?” you may ask. A Death Dog is the epitome of a heart attack on a bun. Sitting on little propane-fueled pushcarts, simmering in grease, Death Dogs await to attack both your senses and your cardiovascular system. The formula: hot dogs wrapped in bacon. A simple formula with a simple result—great taste, and a shorter lifespan.

If you ask, you can intensify the experience with condiments (I even think they have peppers and onions on that tiny cart). But if you desire a Death Dog to keep you going on that long walk back to campus, you better act fast.

Both the LAPD and USC’s Public Safety force have it out for Death Dog carts. By the time you make it back to campus, you will be lucky enough to watch several Death Dog pushcarts sprinting throughout campus, trying to avoid the badges.

Looks like Death Dogs are an adventure both on the streets AND in your arteries. Bon Appétit!