As Jim Zorn Fails, So Do the Washington Redskins

Mike AcostaContributor ISeptember 28, 2009

Two things were ravaged in Detriot yesterday: the Washington Redskins' pride and Jim Zorn's career as the head coach of the Redskins.

After the humiliating loss to the Detriot Lions yesterday, nothing else in Washington sports matters more than the demand for immediate firing of Jim Zorn.

The Detriot Lions got their first win since December 2007 with a 19-14 win over the Redskins. After 19 straight losses, the city of Detroit celebrated with tears of joy and relief thanks to the Redskins and Zorn. 

To put this in perspective, it is important to understand the signifance of yesterday's Redskins loss to the Lions. This morning, former Redskin great Joe Jacoby summarized it best on Joe Theismann's morning radio show (Redskins Radio 9.27 FM), "A little bit died in me..."

Every die-hard Redskins fan was, in fact, humiliated after the loss to the Lions, and for that someone must account for the blatant lack of pride showed by everyone in the Redskins organization; specifically the owner, Dan Snyder. 

Sure, the scapegoat is obviously Jim Zorn. No more obvious from the 4th-and-goal play in the first quarter (that failed for the second week in a row) to the hook and lateral from inside the opponents' 40 at the end of the game (when any other proven coach would have taken a shot at the end zone). 

There is no doubt Zorn is not the answer at head coach for the Washington Redskins.  However, the point here is that this team is not better off without Zorn this season.  

The problem with the Washington Redskins, plain and simple, is the ownership and team management: Dan Snyder and Vice President of Player Personnel Vinny Cerrato. 

Therefore, while all of Washington, D.C. is blaming Zorn for the disaster that this franchise has become, let us all remember who hired Zorn and who also led each and every Redskin fan through months of a grueling search for a head coach.  

Zorn was hand picked by Snyder and Cerrato; he was and is their man. Zorn was the best these two clowns could get to agree to take over this team after Joe Gibbs left. 

This is not to say that Jim Zorn wasn't impressive in his interviews or isn't a smart guy, but the reality of it is this: No one wants to coach the Washington Redskins as long as we have Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato running the show.

Unfortunately, Dan Snyder is going nowhere. Vinny? The owner's "BFF" could get fired (again) if the season continues to go south. As for Zorn, he's probably better off walking away from this mess and never turning back. 

Sure, Zorn seems overwhelmed and out-matched most of the time, but a majority of the fault lies on the multi-million dollar players that show no heart on Sundays and constantly remind the fans that "on paper," the Redskins are a talented team. 

Well, on paper, as is printed today on every newspaper across the country, a loss to the Detriot Lions proves the Washington Redskins are a complete embarrassment.

So do I want to see Zorn fired? Sure. Why not? Someone needs to take the fall for the humiliation I and countless other Redskin fans endured over the past 24 hours.

Do I think it is going to help or bring about better results for the remainder of the season? Absolutely not. 

But the reality of it is if Joe Gibbs couldn't turn this thing around, it sure as hell isn't going to be a former quarterbacks coach with no offensive coordinator experience—let alone head coaching experience—who can. 

It doesn't take a billionaire owner to figure that out.