Not “Standing Room” but “Café Seating” Will Be Sold at the Stadium

Kevin RozellSenior Writer ISeptember 28, 2009

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 27:  The New York Yankees celebrate after defeating the Boston Red Sox on September 27, 2009 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City. The Yankees won the game 4-2 to earn their 100th win of the season as well as clinching the American League Eastern Division.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

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There will be Café tables set up around the standing room locations on the field level of the new Yankee Stadium for the postseason. Tall, metal barstools will be set up so you can sit down. These seats will be sold for $75.

These are the places where many smart Yankee fans decided to stand throughout the regular season. You could stand there for free too. Now you figure that there will be ropes around these areas so not just any Yankee fan can get a good view of the game.

I happen to think that this is a great idea. Maybe for those who stood in these locatins to see a good view of the game for free might be upset about this, but this is a smart idea. It allows the stadium to have more of a home field advantage with a bigger crowd, and more people can see these important postseason games.

 I think for that price, they are very reasonable considering that you are sitting and you get a great view of the game.

To follow up on our previous post, we have received the following from a source at the Yankees ticket office:

I think in the end they’ll be called café seating…They are only in place on the field level between sections 115-125. They are completely sold out for the Boston series, but I think we might still have some available for KC – they are $75 in advance. It’s really a test run to see how traffic flow and security can handle things, if it works I’m guessing they’ll be in place for the playoffs and next year.

$75 is a very reasonable price point for these tickets – especially since there are “tall, metal bar stools” that are set up at the café tables. We had mentioned $50 as a price point if they were true standing room, but the bar stools, combined with the excellent views make $75 a fair asking price.

In the comments section of our previous post, someone pointed out that they will likely quarantine these “café tables” by placing ropes or bars around them to prevent squatters like us from standing/sitting there. With the addition of seats, it will be much easier for security to patrol, but ropes will likely be necessary to prevent people from surrounding the tables and invading the space of the ticketed fans.

It looks like these “seats” are going to be sold in advance, which is the only disappointing aspect. We have said all along that day of game standing room ticket sales for the playoffs would be a very fan friendly idea. Still, if these are $75 for the playoffs, we suggest you RUN – not walk, to purchase them.

from a Commenter (Spark) on NSI:

At the Satudrday game, they had tray-like tables on the field level behind home plate, and metal chairs. So Standing Room becomes sitting room. The usher at that section told me that they were just installed before the Friday Red Sox game.

There were 2 heights, one was “bar stool height and the other was a lowere “standard” table height. And there were numbers on the tray for each seat.