Is AJ Styles Enough For TNA?

Chris BoatmanContributor ISeptember 28, 2009

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA - NOVEMBER 18:  Wrestler A.J. Styles arrives at the Spike TV 'Video Game Awards 2005' at the Gibson Amphitheater on November 18, 2005 in Universal City, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

TNA, you either love it or you hate it.

I, for one, love TNA. However what makes me worry is that TNA is turning into the next WCW and that is a step in the wrong direction.

Don't get me wrong, I was a huge fan of WCW, however that company did a lot of things wrong and I'm starting to see this happening in TNA.  

The main problem is the talent. What's wrong with the talent you might ask?

Well nothing of course, except TNA is taking a page right out of the old WCW play book and that is focusing everything on the old and not that much on the new.

True, the whole angle with Sting and AJ Styles is a step in the right direction, however I don't think it's enough. The younger talent they have is not that strong in the all around department.

Take Hernandez for example, this guy has one hell of a look. However, he is not that great on the microphone and looks stiff in ring a lot of the times.

Is that his fault? No, nor is it the other young talents fault, after all look who they have to work against.

They either have to wrestle someone who is older and can not sell matches like they use to, or someone who is young with not that much experience and who is just as stiff as they are in the ring.

So what does TNA do? Well for one they need to do more of the "Sting and AJ Styles" type of angles, have more of the older guys start help in pushing up the younger talent and making them more well known.

Right now the only true future star they have in the TNA is AJ Styles, his in ring skill is just amazing and his microphone skills are getting better. AJ has a great look and you can tell he does love his job.

However is this enough to save TNA now? Not by a long shot. 

TNA needs a few more young wrestlers like AJ, and so far I dont see that happening.

Yes, I do realize TNA has skilled wrestlers like Samoa Joe, Bobby Lashley, Daniels, Alex Shelly, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, Hernandez, and James Storm.

Yet again though, the same question comes to mind, is this enough to get them over WWE or even close to the young talent WWE has?

I guess I will just keep on watching TNA and hope it sticks around longer then WCW, only time will tell.