Braulio Estima Proves To Be Barcelona Standout

Ken FossAnalyst ISeptember 28, 2009

Emerging from the shadows, Braulio Estima made the world's most prestigious no-gi amateur submissions grappling event his.

In the 88k finals he was able to successfully apply a spectacular inverted triangle. Knocking off favored Andre Galvao.

Then with his victory over Xandre Ribero in the Absolute Finals, he became just the fifth man to win both his weight and the absolute divisions. Matching Mario Sperry, Mark Kerr, Ricardo Arona, and Roger Gracie.

Planning his MMA debut sometime this year, the overlooked Brazilian wins 40,000 dollars, and a chance to face Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza in the 2011 Superfight.

In other ADCC news, Strikeforce's Women's 145lb Queen showed remarkable improvement missing out on a shot at the gold due to an incidental knee to the head which cost her a point, and eventually the match.

She was able to defeat an obviously stalling, Rosangela Conceicao in the third place match.

125lb MMA superwomen Megumi Fujii would produce the most disappointing performance of the weekend being submitted due to rear naked choke in the opening round by Hillary Williams.

Twenty-year-old phenom Rafael Mendes won the 66k gold, despite having his black belt for just a year, defeating Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles on points in a 30 minute war.

Fabricio Werdum mows though the 99k+ division taking gold.

And last but certainly not least Pablo Popovitch, defeated favored Marcelo Garcia to take ADCC gold, ending the Brazilians four-year run of dominance at 77k, winning 3-2 on points.