Adrien Broner Hits Back at Floyd Mayweather After Criticism of Walmart Video

Christopher SimpsonFeatured ColumnistMarch 23, 2016

US Hip Hop artist Rick Ross (L) poses with promoter and former champion boxer Floyd Mayweather during a press conference announcing the fight between WBA super lightweight champion Adrien Broner and Ashley Theophane in Washington, DC, February 29, 2016.   
The title contest is scheduled to take place April 1, 2016 at the D.C. Armory in Washington DC. / AFP / JIM WATSON        (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)
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WBA super lightweight champion Adrien Broner has called for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to "stop talking bad about me bro" after Mayweather criticised a video of Broner throwing money at a cashier in Walmart. 

Broner hit back at Money's comments in a four-minute video he posted on YouTube, in which he made reference to Mayweather's history of domestic violence (warning: contains NSFW language):

Via Edward Chaykovsky of, he said:

Floyd talking about me again... not once, but this has happened on multiple occasions. This goes back to what I said, real n---as don't do this type of s--t bro.

You said want me to do all this good s--t and then when you do an interview you talk bad about me. It's like how real is that? What type of n---a is you.

I don't give a f--k what you did n---a, whether it was real or not. Any time you was in those lawsuits n---a, with your baby momma and they say you hitting her with three pieces like you fighting [Miguel] Cotto. I don't get into that. I don't say 'He shoulda did this or he shoulda did that.' You know what I say 'F--k all that, my n---a didn't do that.' I don't say [Mayweather] hurtin' himself.

You was the same n---a four or five years ago burning money in the club. C'mon bro, you're 39. So you was 34, 35 at the time. You burning money in the club and I didn't say anything about that. That motivated me that one day I would have enough money to throw some change at Walmart. I didn't think that would ruffle your feathers bro. C'mon stop talking bad about me bro.

Here is the incident in question (warning: contains NSFW language):

Ben Thompson of FightHype asked Mayweather about the video, and he responded:

I think fighters hurt themselves sometimes. Someone showed me the clip of [Broner] the other day. He was in Walmart and what was so crazy about the video when I looked at it, it kind of hurt my feelings. The person gave him his change back, I guess he had bought something and he threw the money or the change up in the air like, 'Why are you giving me change back? You don't know who I am?' Actually, a lot of people in the store didn't know who he was. They was looking like, 'Who are you?'

And then, it's so crazy, if you're at such a high status and you reached a certain level, you're supposed to have people going to Walmart for you. You go to places like Walmart to save money. Of course you got to realize this, he's still young and he's still learning, but before you know it, it's going to be too late. I mean, I didn't really understand it. At the end of the day, he's hurting himself; he's not helping himself. He has a lot to learn. He has a lot to learn.

Mayweather isn't afraid to make ostentatious displays of his wealth either, as a look at his Instagram account reveals:

Indeed, despite retiring in September, the American said he still earns over $1 million each month:

Money recently completed a media tour of the U.K., where fans paid up to £2,000 to meet him, according to Martin Domin of the MailOnline.

Ring TV's Tom Gray does not believe the pair's rivalry will end any time soon following Broner's response:

Indeed, this is not the first time they've traded barbs, with AB criticising Mayweather's "The Money Team" last October—something the 39-year-old did not take kindly to, according to FightHype (h/t Sky Sports).

The 26-year-old Broner has lost just twice in his professional career and won 23 of his 34 bouts via knockout. He will put his title on the line on April 1 against British veteran Ashley Theophane, who comes into the contest on a six-fight winning streak.

In February, Mayweather may have further stoked the fires, as he not only told Sky Sports (h/t Chaykovsky) of his confidence that Theophane would emerge triumphant, but also called for British fans to travel to the United States to support him in the fight. That is to be expected, though, as Mayweather Promotions represents the 35-year-old.

Chaykovsky reported Broner and Mayweather resolved their previous row regarding TMT "within a few days," but their rivalry has firmly been reignited here.

Broner's video in Walmart and ongoing dispute with Mayweather will no doubt increase the hype surrounding the bout, but a loss of his title to Theophane would be a serious blow to his stature—and his second defeat in three fights after losing to Shawn Porter last June.