Anderson Silva Vs Vitor Belfort Set For Early 2010!

tyler griggsContributor ISeptember 28, 2009

CHICAGO- OCTOBER 25:  Anderson Silva prepares before the Middleweight Title Bout at UFC's Ultimate Fight Night at Allstate Arena on October 25, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

Anderson Silva showed that he still has it against Forrest Griffin at UFC 101 with a nasty KO.

Silva has shown some sad performances in his past few fights. Although these fights were not completely his bad, I guess people just expect an exciting fight from a champion like Anderson Silva. In the Cote fight it wasn't his fault at all. Cote either blew his knee out or popped his ACL, which either way his painful, which caused the referee to call the fight.

In the Thales Leites, again it wasn't completely his fault because he was just playing it safe. Leites wanted to be on the ground and any chance he saw to either stay on the ground after Silva knocked him there or an attempt to take the spider to the ground. Anderson won both fights of course, and a lot of people were disappointed in the way the spider was heading.

But the Spider returned to his old ways in the Forrest Griffin fight with a KO that looked like it came from a jab. Now there has been many rumors going around.

There has been rumors of him giving up his Middleweight title to fight permanently at Light-Heavyweight. Another is a big fight against GSP for his Middleweight title. But the one that looks like is going to happen is a fight between him and Vitor Belfort at UFC 108 in January. Silva is having some surgery to remove bone spurs from his elbow and needs time to heal. He wanted to fight again before years end but that's not going to happen. Besides he will need every bit of time to heal, train, and prepare for the former Light-Heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort.

After a stunning first round TKO of former middleweight champion Rich Franklin. This is confusing many people and myself, at first.

Dan Henderson was suppose to get the next shot at the Spider after a stunning KO of Micheal " Down for the Count " Bisping as I now call him. After him was supposed to be Nate Marquardt after he beat Demian Maia at UFC 102 via KO. Maia was also in the picture in till his loss to Marquardt.

Now Henderson will fight Marquardt in a winner gets a title shot situation. The reason the UFC jumped Belfort to the front of the line after one fight was because both Henderson and Marquardt have had previous fights with Silva. The UFC wanted to see some new faces in the Middleweight title fight.

Belfort is fast by what I hear, and has to be with a first round victory of a guy like Rich Franklin. I myself didn't see the fight but I was all over the story that night afterwords.

What Silva needs to do is stay technical, stay away from Belfort's punches and possibly take the fight to the ground. Belfort needs to train hard, get his stamina good and strong, and get his weight down and stable. The reason I say that is because by my understanding he struggled making the catch-weight of 195 lbs. against Franklin. But as a former champion, I'm sure he can do it.

To see these two dominant athletes fight will be amazing. I'm looking very foward to seeing this early next year. I wish luck to all of these guys in their quest at gold and retaining it.