BlogPoll: It's Week Four and Alabama Takes the Top Spot

Buckeye CommentarySenior Analyst ISeptember 27, 2009

AUBURN, AL - SEPTEMBER 19:  A general view of Jordan-Hare Stadium during the game between the Auburn Tigers and the West Virginia Mountaineers on September 19, 2009 in Auburn, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
1.Alabama4-0370at Kentucky
4.LSU4-0648at (15)Georgia
5.USC3-1736at (24)California
6.Ohio State3-1842at Indiana
7.Oklahoma2-1981at (16)Miami
8.cincinnati4-01284at Miami(OH)
9.Virginia Tech3-1144at Duke
10.houston-cougars3-0NR79at UTEP
11.Oklahoma State3-113104Bye
12.boise_state4-01935v. UC Davis
13.Iowa4-0NR11v. Arkansas State
14.Penn State3-1583at Illinois
15.Georgia3-1166v. (4)LSU
16.Miami2-1101v. (7)Oklahoma
17.Ole Miss2-111117at Vanderbilt
18.michigan4-015105at Michigan State
20.TCU3-02047v. SMU
21.auburn4-022107at Tennessee
23.Oregon3-1NR3v. Washington State
24.California3-1428v. (5)USC
25.Georgia Tech3-1NR16at Mississippi State


At the top: The only thing that seems certain at this point is that Alabama, Florida and Texas are the best teams, but I am unsure of the order. Of course, if Tebow cannot go for any period of time that analysis becomes much easier. For my money, Alabama has been the most impressive team with their increasingly impressive win against Virginia Tech as well as a domination of Arkansas that Georgia can only dream of.

Is LSU the fourth best team in the nation? Who knows, but based on what I have seen, I imagine them perfectly capable of beating the teams listed below them. And, if it seems like Southern Cal and Ohio State are too highly ranked, well…I don’t know what to do about it. This is the hand (blog) pollsters have been dealt at the moment and we hopeless to play these cards in any meaningful order.

Mid-major upstarts: I guess Houston and Boise State are deserved of some basic recognition at this point. If I cannot make heads or tails of the best teams, who am I too demote the little guys based on my ignorance.

Is Boise State the benefactor of a Oregon team that could not get out of its own way or did they cause the Ducks early spiral? Is Houston living off the classic letdown week from Oklahoma State? Seriously, I am open to arguments either way on these teams? Should they be ranked in the Top 10 or should they be hanging out with the bottom five?

Our beloved: I am not sure where the Buckeyes will turn up in this week’s BlogPoll, but I think they are worthy of a higher ranking than the more well-regarded pollsters.

We will find out how they stack up with Iowa and Penn State; and I really do not believe that Boise State would score more than eight points on the OSU defense. Could Oklahoma best the Buckeyes? Absolutely, but I hardly think that is a foregone conclusion. Are Virginia Tech, Houston, Cincinnati better? Pssshhhhhhh. See you in Pasadena.