Facing the Facts for the Cleveland Browns: We Need a Youth Movement

Samuel IngroAnalyst ISeptember 28, 2009

BALTIMORE - SEPTEMBER 27:  Jerome Harrison #35 of the Cleveland Browns runs the ball against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium on September 27, 2009 in Baltimore, Maryland. The Ravens defeated the Browns 34-3. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)

Look, it's over. The season is done, we aren't making the playoffs. I said it, everyone knows it, so deal with it. Now we plan for 2010. Meaning what exactly? Glorified preseason.

How about we give our rookies a chance now? And I don't mean rookie offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, who needs to get the axe right out of the gate.

Does anyone remember that we have very talented youth on the team buried in the depth chart? Apparentally your overpaid veterans aren't cutting it Phil Savage, I mean, Eric Mangini. What's that expression?...

"Those that don't learn from past mistakes, are doomed to repeat history".

I'm paraphrasing, but the point stands. We've tried and failed the free agency route, now it's time to do it the right way.

Love them or hate them, Pittsburgh knew very well how to build a football team. From the ground up. Infusing youth into the lineup to replace aging veterans who just don't cut it anymore.

Can we learn nothing from within our own division?

Sitting on the bench and being used infrequently, experienced or not, is raw talent. While in the meantime, ex-Jets past their prime have plagued our lineup. Sure, Eric Barton is a good player, and Abe Elam has looked alright, but they aren't playmakers.

Since we can't do anything about the coaching, at least maybe the addition of hungry, talented youth will light a fire under this team.

Defense, sign free agent Emanuel Cook to replace Brodney Pool, Abe Elam gets replaced by Mike Adams. Wimbley and Jackson stay at linebacker, and are joined by Veikune and Maiava. Wright and McDonald stay, and Coye Francies replaces Hank Poteat at the nickel. Shaun Rogers stays at NT, Ahtyba Rubin plays RDE, and Robaire Smith plays LDE til he can be replaced in the second round of the 2010 draft.

2010 first round pick, Taylor Mays (next Troy Polamalu), Eric Berry, or Brandon Spikes (next Ray Lewis). Impact players with attitude regardless of positional needs. Spikes takes over a team, he's a leader through and through, but Mays is the bigger need.

Offense, Brady Quinn stays. Jerome Harrison replaces Jamal Lewis, James Davis gets increased carries. Edwards stays, Massaquoi and Robiskie start at two and three. Cribbs moves back to special teams and number four receiver. Thomas, Steinbach, Mack stay on the line, Fraley and St Clair are replaced by Billy Yates and Phil Trautwein. Royal gets released, Heiden starts, and we resign Rucker til the 2010 draft.

2010 draft picks, second round pick OG Mike Pouncey out of Florida, third round pick OT Charles Brown out of USC, fifth round TE Anthony McCoy out of USC, fifth round pick troubled RB LeGarrette Blount out of Oregon, sixth round QB Todd Reesing out of Kansas.

I know we have emotional attachment to our players, but it's time for a lot of guys to step down. We need a youth movement in Cleveland.

If there is anything we can do about the coaching is beg Randy Lerner. We need a coach who isn't afraid to show emotion, a coach who will take a risk. Next year, Ryan stays, Seely stays, Cox stays, Mangini is replaced by Jon Gruden, Daboll is replaced by Jim Harbaugh of Stanford.

That's my plan, but it essentially means nothing. Any opinions?