Formula One: Heikki Kovalainen's Date With Destiny In Montreal

Alex LevySenior Analyst IMay 30, 2008

The Canadian Grand Prix is reknowned for its historic moments.  Lewis Hamilton taking his first ever victory in F1 last year is one of them.

I have that funny gut feeling Heikki Kovalainen is about to do the same. Here is why I think there will be two Finn flags on the podium in Montreal.

Heikki as of late has had to go through a mean streak of bad luck. Let's face it; the guy is jinxed.

Despite a 26G crash in Barcelona, enduring an early puncture as a result of a clash with Raikkonen in Turkey, a faulty gearbox in Monaco, and now 23 points adrift of championship leader and teammate Lewis Hamilton...Heikki Kovalainen is my man to deliver with authority in Montreal.

Heikki's resilience, fighting spirits, tenacity, drive and motivation are just second to none. His strength of character is in a league of its own.

Rolling into Montreal in just over a week's time, Heikki will not bulge at the opportunity to make up for all the hurdles that have stood in his way so far (Hamilton beware).

I would even go so far as to predict his first ever victory in Formula 1 the same way Hamilton got the job done last year with a six-podium streak to go with it. Heikki cannot boast this sort of record; however, his personality attributes will make up for this deficiency.

Also, Ron Dennis' apparent decline as a power figure at McLaren should most definitely play in Heikki's favour. It's just a matter of time before we could have a switch of driver status, and I stand by my argument.

I believe in Heikki Kovalainen as a much better long-term investment than Lewis Hamilton for three reasons:

  • Heikki is so straight in what he does. Pressure does not seem to get in his way. If that's not an advantage over Hamilton, wait until the Finn gets to grip with the MP4-23.
  • Heikki has a much stronger personality, meaning again under pressure he will not bulge.
  • There's a lot less media/sponsor attention on the Finn's shoulders, meaning he can focus a lot more of his efforts on where it matters most, i.e. racing and not acting or posing for greedy sponsors.

For all these reasons I stand by Heikki Kovalainen as a driver of choice.

Now Montreal is do or die for him, and I get that funny feeling this could be the turning point of the season if Kovalainen pulls the trigger!

The bottom line is, 23 points adrift is still bridgeable. Kovalainen has the spirits and all that streak of bad luck should now be behind him.

P.S. As of the second Finn flag I mentioned of early on, Kimi Raikkonen will be out in Canada on a mission to recapture the driver's lead and show the world who is the top apex driver in Formula 1!

Prediction for Montreal:

1. Kovalainen

2. Raikkonen (hence the two Finn flags)

3. Kubica (come on)

4. Hamilton

5. Massa



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