Maybe Callahan Was Right

eric brooksCorrespondent ISeptember 27, 2009

KANSAS CITY, MO - SEPTEMBER 20:  Head coach Tom Cable of the Oakland Raiders watches from the bench during warm-ups prior to the start of the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium on September 20, 2009 in Kansas City, Missouri.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Well the third quarter has just started and this Raiders team has rolled over. Lame quarterback, coach who wont bench the quarterback and for some reason thinks they can run inside.

Again, John Marshall's defense is letting another team run all over them! Nobody has any reason to stick up for the team this weak! Seymour gets called for the stupidest penalty ever! Looks like he's adapted to the Raider mentality!

Since it is Denver there most likely are numerous missed holding calls, but the Raider D has to suck it up and quit letting Denver get to them.

McFumbles second fumble this game! Great offensive power we have, Bush deserves to start, maybe by benching the unproductive quarterback and moving McFumbles to second string they might get the message and work that much harder on their deficiencies.

Al Davis says he loves the team then wake up and realize the man you ordained as the next Elway sucks! Jamarcus is not the answer! Nurse the rest of the season and see who is available in free agency because this team doesnt know the first thing about drafting quarterbacks!

Now for anybody who thinks I am premature with this article either isnt watching this game or is watching through Al Davis' eyes! And for all you who took offense to my article last week, yeah our team won. But you go ahead and feel good about that poor win. It should not have been that close!

This team is just collecting a check this week! Not to many players appear to be into this game. Many on the defense are just going through the motions. So much for changing the culture you fat lunkhead called the coach. Same results different year!

Or the posts suggesting I find a new team. Not going to happen! I am too emotionally attached to this team. That's why it hurts to write articles like this. I want to experience what the Jets fans are going thru this season. As long as Al Davis is alive it will be an exercise in futility and good luck finding a decent head coach.

Going back to my headline, we are seeing some really poor and questionable play calling, players breaking down and letting their emotions get the best of them. What happened to the defense that almost allowed this team to beat the Chargers? Are we to accept that Denver is the best team in the division this year?

Tom Cable better start preparing for his next position because if it continues to go like this the rest of the year he will be working for a different team next year. And he just keeps trying to run inside.

The Raiders need a coach who knows how to coach against teams that run the 3/4 because I have not seen Cable prove he can gameplan against those teams.

I just hope that when Russell gets his security blanket back next week that the offense improves. 2 of Denver's running backs over 100 yards. Yep got to love John Marshall! He's going to bring something to this defense! Same with Richard Seymour.