Superman Is Human, Miami Thought It Was 2001 Again, and The Tide Rolls!

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIISeptember 27, 2009

As a lot of college football fans know, the week was full of upsets and just plain upsetting turn of events. Thursday saw the overrated Ole Miss go down, and then Saturday saw Penn State on top of others make their way down the ranks.

But, the biggest stories of the week in my opinion are about Miami, Florida, and Alabama.

Florida seemed to take it to Kentucky as most of us thought they would. The issue was not the way they played, but what happened toward the end of the game. Tim Tebow went down and didn't pop back up.

This is a strange site, because Tebow has long been considered Superman. A guy who cannot get hurt. Most of us know he does not have an injured past, and when he does have a little something wrong, he fights through it.

But this injury was something he couldn't fight back from, his kryptonite if you will. While being tackled hard by a Kentucky defender, he hit the back of his head on the knee of either one of his offensive lineman or one of the other defenders.

Once he hit, his neck just went catawopt if you will. I know its not a word, but there wasn't any that came to mind at the time, only "OHHH" and "Awe".

He was said to have suffered a concussion, and people were happy to see him walk off the field, however, he did spend the night in a near by hospital.

He is said to be ok, and will not suffer long term damage. Which is great to see. But, this may keep him out for a bit. While the hospital stay was just to make sure he would be alright, he may need to stay out of action a bit.

A concussion is not something you can just bounce back from, especially at the QB position and the way Tebow plays it.

The injury couldn't have come at a better time because they have a bye week next week, but the following week they head to LSU. Which is not going to be an easy team to run over if Tebow is not in the game.

Will he be a little scared about running? I mean, this LSU defense is known to be hard hitting and fast. So while they are not considered one of the best defenses in the SEC, they are still an SEC defense. The worst defense in the SEC could be the first of second best in another conference.

LSU will not take it easy on Florida because their best player is not doing so hot. If Tebow plays, which I think he will, it will be interesting to see if he just goes back to being the same old Tebow, or pulls back a bit.


The next story of the week comes out of the ACC in a team simply known as "The U". I personally drank the Kool-aid, Miami was handing out. After they beat the teams they did, which many thought they would lose to and had no chance against, one thought that they would continue to go out and win.

To me, this team played not to lose more so than played to win. There is a difference, trust me. They seemed to not go for the big plays or play as hard as they did before. It was like they were being a bit timid.

They didn't go for the big plays nor did we see them using the give us respect kind of attitude we saw them use before.

They had nothing to lose before, so they went for it all every time they went out. Now, they are somebody and because of that, they felt they needed to defend on offense.

What I mean by that is simply this, instead of going for the big time plays they did before, they took it down a notch and tried to not make as many mistakes so they wouldn't lose.

Virginia Tech is known for its Special Teams and Defense, and that came out yesterday as they beat Hurricanes. We should give Va Tech all the respect in the world for winning, but Miami choked under the pressure if you ask me.

They had a chance to basically run the table if they beat Va Tech. But now, Tech has gotten past the U, and Miami would be lucky to get a nice bowl bid. Because of the lack of competition they have ahead, they could beat them and it wouldn't matter.

While it seems everyone who will be in the National Title talks could have at least one loss, Tech is undefeated in the ACC, meaning they are going to the title game. If they win out, Miami will be snubbed from that.

Which means that because they don't have a conference title, they won't have another game to boost them up in the ranks. Va Tech still could though. Because they beat a high ranked Miami team, and still have competition ahead on top of a possible CT game, they could realistically get to the National Title game if someone loses.

And the teams in the top three could easily in Florida, Texas, and Alabama. Quite frankly, because they have a ton of competition ahead that could beat them.

In fact, last year it came down to the SEC Title game on who would go to the National Title game. Florida won, and then went on to win the National Title.

Miami needs to hope for a Va Tech conference loss, possibly two. Considering the tie would go to the head to head winner.


The one team that was as impressive as they should have been was Alabama. The Tide rolled over the Hogs in a big way, as they did last year.

Coming into the game, Arkansas' offense was said to be ranked #2 in the Nation. And Ryan Mallet was getting rave reviews. He was said to be a Daunte Culpepper type of QB that had a big arm and was tough to bring down.

Yet one of those were proven false as a Javier Arenas alone got 2 sacks in on Mallett. He showed he had a big arm, but the offense as a whole did not live up to its ranking, as it has miserable numbers.

The big thing most loved about the Tide was their offense. Who'd a thunk it? This team has never really been known for its offense, more so, its defense. And while the defense played well, as usual, the offense tore up the Arkansas defense.

It was a little rough to watch, as it started getting ugly in the second quarter.

This Alabama team has four running back, that is four! And unlike most teams out there, every one of them play in every game if they are healthy enough.

What I like so much about them is that all of the backs could probably start as the feature back on any other team. Yet they split time in a four running back rotation. And it seems to work really well.

Ingram, Richardson, Upchurch, and Grant may not get to 1,000 yards this year. But, it is obvious there will be at least 2,000 yards total on the ground for them.

Some think that they cannot get along if they are not the feature back, but they don't. What they do is go out there and run down the defense. Then once they are tired, another running back comes in to relieve them.

The backs never get too tired because they come in and out. Some more than others of course, but everyone gets to touch the ball.

Then, once you think you may be able to stop the run as a defensive coordinator, you forget that there is something called a pass. Because the Tide will throw it over your head or to down the field.

Once the Tide receivers get the ball, they are really hard to get down. Julio Jones had to have 10 men tackle him at one time before he went down. That shows such toughness.

But, he is not the only guy getting things done out there at Wide-Out. Maze and Hanks get things done too. Maze reminds many of the great Tide receiver, Tyrone Prothro, who is famous for something simply called, The Catch.

He was so fast and hard to catch. His elusiveness game him a head up on just about anyone. Then, he got hurt and was unable to return to the field. It is a sad story, but everyone who is a Tide fan respects what he did there.

Maze reminds many of this man, who many considered to be a Heisman candidate at one point. While I don't think Prothro would have won one, the year he was having before he got hurt was a great one.

If Maze plays anything like Prothro did, we may have two Wide-Outs on the Tide offense that could beat you at any point. Then, you still have to worry about that running back rotation that as we have seen in the past, has no worries about running down your throat and plowing the defense as they head to the endzone.

There are so many ways they can beat you, and it is the first time in a long time that Alabama has had an offense of this calibar. Some are relating it to their 1992 team, the last to ever win a National Title at Alabama.

If that team could resemble the '92 team what so ever, we may see that National Title going to the Tide's Trophy room in Tuscaloosa.


In closing, I feel Tebow will be fine. The injury looked and seemed bad at first glace, but he turned out to be ok from what Florida officials are saying. I feel Miami got too high on themselves, but more so they lose their edge that got them to where they were before the loss.

If this team gets it back, Miami could really be a force to recon with in the ACC and possibly in the Nation.

Alabama seems to be the top team in the SEC right now. I know some are going to disagree and say Florida is hands down. But, from what I have seen with this team, the Tide is a massive threat to win the National Title where as Florida may be faltering.


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