What Does It Take To Hear a Objective Voice in A Perversive Enviroment?

Jason QuickContributor ISeptember 27, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 14:  A general view of the goal posts before the Oakland Raiders game against the San Diego Chargers on September 14, 2009 at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

I know a person who is a fan of the St. Louis Rams and this is what was texted to me.

you got to here this, man I am happy I am cool with you. lol- but this is what football fans think of the Raiders.


My reply: Yeah/ how was the game last week, I missed it because I was locked up =). Man the life as a Raider. (myself jokin)

I'm not sure what Mr. Davis, Gene Upshaw [R.I.P.] or Madden or Greg Pappa or Jeanette Thompson or you or me (and on and on and on) would say in a candid response.  But I would like to challenge any future participants to speak on or even answer.

What would the correct sentiment be in response to this statement (link sent)?

Is this the image that the fans of other organizations agree on about us and our coaches and of course the owner (or at least the majority)?

If so, who will step up and honestly, openly, explain why they are in such a state of mind? And what has occurred to make someone judge the 100% by the 5% stereotype.

Also What is the best defense or response to curve this type of opinion.
(Al was right when he said "just win, baby!")

I have yet to see a ex or current Raider or any facet of a Raider constituent (Front office-Management-former players-etc) have the allotted time or proper platform to speak on the other half of this kind of attack. But we are overloaded with the negatives that are exaggerated into fueled debates. I have noticed one constant- If it looks bad or is negative slander, it is continually shown and displayed over and over.
If it is a bright light in the Nation, it is short lived and at some instances, not mentioned at all in it's proper perspective. Just imagine the opinions of everyone if we were the team that picked up VICK or drafted Crabtree.


Just imagine the opinion of the Raiders downfall if the 02' Superbowl were won. The Ravens haven't represented in a Superbowl since when? How bout those Cowboys? The Buccaneers? The Packers? How about the Chargers or the Eagles? Chicago...I am wondering why the teams considered at the top are not more scrutinized? My point is even though the Raiders have not been relevant we are scrutinized like the mentioned teams. Even when we are down, we are feared. And in this case fear gets complimented with sarcasm and slander (some deserved) most exaggerated and over-induced. So needless to say, Raider fans have not returned the sentiment towards Gannon in the same respects he has shown us.  

And better mentioned A Rams fan... A Lambs fan somehow feels entitled to speak (or forward links) on the Nation to me!

I used to think it would be great to work in sports. But I am not quite sure I would be able to commit to the ESPN family or Fox, CBS, etc. because unfortunately this Rams fan shares the sentiment of the cockroach (Rome show) and also the media roaches as well.

In regards to Jim Rome and himself allowing a cockroach to slander a majority by a minority, I would have to believe my response would be one that is heated and I would respond to both of them with the attitude that there is a line- and the more time I would spend with this guy (in any environment) that line would thin fast- let's say the prepared radio talk (his segment) might be his best bet.

I don't like alot of teams or players, but I also am a football fan, and the truth is the truth, But I would never on live T.V. or on the airwaves [ever] stoop to sound as unprofessional or as ignorant about another team and their current situation, unless it was objectively warranted. For instance, did you know?

The Broncos have only won one playoff game since 1998. We all are aware of the Cowboys (a few examples). It seems as if the Raiders carry the weight of the failures that other teams own. But I doubt Mark Stink (Schlereth) or Mr. still living off of 85' (Ditka) will speak of their formers nearly as much as they display their hate for the Raiders. 

I am articulate, well compensated for my endeavors, Respectful of people and their opinions, and open to debate at any level [steming from casual and humorously-to heated or coarse-to physical.]

And Yes! I am a Raider, from the cradle till forever. But does that make me a criminal? I would rather believe it makes me rational about what my response to this would be. It just makes me continue to question the league, and those that work for it.

Ex-Raider or not, Raider hater or more, Objectivity must be displayed.