Tebow. The Hit Heard Around The World

AC ClarkContributor ISeptember 26, 2009

GAINESVILLE, FL - SEPTEMBER 23:  Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the Florida Gators breaks a tackle against the Kentucky Wildcats on September 23, 2006 at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field  in Gainesville, Florida. The Gators defeated the Wildcats 26 to 7.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)

If you're a college football fan I'm sure you've heard about the hit Tim Tebow took Saturday night while playing the Kentucky Wildcats. If you haven't, get ready. If you think that Beanie Well's toe got too much coverage last year, you ain't seen nothing yet.

So why am I writing this article? Simple, I want to get a jump on all of the idiotic questions that will be asked and answered by the pundits and bloggers ad nausea in the week to come.


Here is my top 10 list of the stupid Tim Tebow questions that will be asked this week. Let's start with the obvious, it's not really a question but it's my favorite.

1. This statement or something similar will be first: "Superman found kryptonite" or "Superman meets Lex Luther" or something similar referencing "Superman".

Answer: You're unoriginal, and probably not that bright, because you actually thought that using "Superman" in your analogy of the situation was clever.

2. Will Tebow be able to bounce back after this?

Answer: Duh! I wonder how many TV segments and blog articles will be written on this subject. All will be forgotten two weeks from now at LSU.

3. Was the tackle a dirty hit since he seemed to lead with his helmet?

Answer: By the letter of the Law, the tackler did lead with his helmet. However, it's obvious that it wasn't intentional. I doubt Tebow will question the hit, especially since this is his M.O. on the field.

4. Should something more be done to protect the passers in college football?

Answer: Good night Nancy! Please just move to the soccer channel and leave the real sports fans alone.

5. What if Tebow is unable to return? Should the Florida Gators still be ranked No. 1? Will they be as good?

Answer: The Gators probably shouldn't be ranked number one if he doesn't return, but they will remain ranked until they loose. Will they be as good? Probably not, but they will still be pretty good.

Side Note: (You can test the IQ of the people discussing this question by how long they spend on the subject. The longer they spend the lower the IQ.)

6. Are concussions a problem in college football?

Answer: Ya Think? Again, there's a good soccer game on ESPN, aren't you missing it?

7. How will the Florida offense change if Tebow is out for the season (or xxx amount of games)?

Answer: "Uhhhh, they will pass the ball more Bob. Back to you in the booth."

8. Do you think this will have any effect on Tebow's NFL plans?

Answer: Seriously, it's a long shot that somebody actually asks a question as stupid as this. However, someone will. When he or she does, please find their Twitter account and forward it to me.

9. Will Tebow be 100 percent for the LSU game?

Answer: You will never get the real answer to this question, so why ask it? Do you really believe Tebow or Urban Meyer are going to say "Well Bob, I think he's around 90 percent?" Stupid questions get stupid answers.

10. Do you think the flu played a part in Tebow's performance that night?

Answer: He ran for two touch downs and almost a hundred yards, if it did, look out LSU.

I'm sure we will be subjected to many more questions like these in the week to follow. Just remember, most of these questions are designed to fill a writer's page or dead air time for the commentators. If you think of any questions that I forgot write them down for me.