Minor Leaguers To Watch 9/26

Nick TysonCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2009

The season is coming to its end, and the postseason is almost upon us. Here I will take a quick look at a few of the top minor leaguers as the year comes to a close. These are guys who have not quite made it up to the big leagues yet but will be key in the future of the teams' success.


Wilson Ramos, Minnesota Twins

The top ranked catcher in the organization and one of the top catchers in all the minor leagues. Ramos was acquired in 2004 as a free agent out of Venezuela, and he has continued to progress since. 

After a successful year in 2008, he was moved up and began this year looking for a possible spot on the major league club. Unfortunately, Ramos hit injury early on and was forced to miss about half of the season. 

But when he came back he tore the cover off of the ball, hitting .317 in over 200 at-bats, and also slugging over .450. His defensive abilities remain a bit questionable, but it appears he will be one of the key prospects for a developing Twin's team.


Che-Hsuan Lin, Boston Red Sox

An extremely athletic centerfielder, the Bo-Sox were lucky to draw Lin to their team.  Lin's defensive abilities are his strongest, and he has yet to develop much power, but he has the athleticism to become a truly excellent player, and he is only just 21 years old. 

Lin also posses a rare ability among young players to hit to all fields, which will benefit him greatly as he moves up through the farm system and into the major leauges. Lin's best gift comes from his speed and range in the outfield, which is better than almost any minor leaguer. 

His ability to think intelligently and make smart decisions will eventually lead to great success in the majors.  He only batted .264 this year, but had an OBP of .355 and stole 26 bases, an impressive feat in only 131 games.