Sepp Blatter: The English Chip on His Shoulder

Martin HillCorrespondent IMay 30, 2008

For a neutral, why has this Swiss man got such a chip on his shoulder when it comes to the EPL?

On the back of his latest plan, "Six plus Five", limiting the number of foreign players on a team, I wonder why Sepp Blatter thinks he can change the face of leagues across the world?

Easy answer—he is the president of FIFA and like other presidents around the world (naming no names) he probably feels he can do as he pleases with the backing of a few, against a large majority!

But this isn't the place to question everything Sepp Blatter has done during his time in charge (the silver goal rule was a complete joke) and complain about how it has spoiled football.

This is a look at his constant belittling of the English FA and how all his new "ideas" seem to stem on the back of an incident involving an English team or player.

Looking at what's current: While the transfer window has opened and the inevitable influx of foreign players into the Premiership is upon us, his new six-plus-five plans are going to leave clubs thinking twice about going out and buying "non-British" in the event that by 2012 they have to get rid of half their squad.

It's like the foot and mouth crisis backwards...

Giving young talent the chance appears to be Blatter's only plus to this idea, but on the flip-side the level of ability would fall, vastly weakening the league!

There is a long way to go for this to happen and many believe this is a fight Sepp Blatter has started and is unlikely to win, mainly due to the fact his plans go against many EU policies.

The point here is the Premier League is currently the strongest, richest league in the world, and, Sepp Blatter has probably decided, too strong in comparison with the rest of the world's leagues.

So let's introduce an idea that if put in place can only weaken the league.

Another incident where Blatter decided to involve himself was the leg breaking tackle by Martin Taylor on Eduardo.

He chirps up by saying it was an attack on Eduardo and he would overrule the  three match ban given by the English FA. On the back of Eduardo publicly accepting it was just an unfortunate footballing accident; why did Blatter need to get involved?

So he can belittle the English FA, and tell them they are not doing their jobs properly.

England launch a bid to host the world cup in 2018 which was almost immediately attacked by Blatter. His only real argument being the behaviour of fans and a brief under-breath comment about stadiums not being up to standard. The standard being Wembley!

What will Sepp Blatter be doing come 2018?

His constant belittling of English football will only lead to problems throughout other leagues. Bare in mind the Premier league now sets the standards for world club football. Weaken that and weaken all the others. Anything negative done with the Premiership should be from a ruling by the FA.

Even with the inabilities of some at Soho Square, none compare with Sepp Blatter, your president of world football!


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