WWE: Major Collision Predicted at Hell in a Cell

lee raydeanCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2009

As the time gets nearer for the PPV event "Hell In A Cell", one cannot help but to wonder what is going to happen.

Who is going to win their matches and who will lose?

At "Hell In A Cell" there are going to be a few rivalries and one of them is DX vs. Legacy. It's like a never ending rivalry, one that doesn't rest and keeps simmering until something horrific happens. Then there's no guarantee it will end even then.

Legacy has a high opinion of themselves, and they have the right to make that claim. They are young, capable of keeping DX exactly where they want them and that's on the mat in the squared circle on their backs.

Legacy has gotten into the heads of DX. Sean Michaels and Triple H are a strong tag team and have held numerous titles including "Hell In A Cell" (the Game won five of them and Sean won the very first one), tag team belts, and heavyweight championship belts, whereas Legacy has never been in a "Hell In A Cell" match.

They don't really know what they are in for. DX can literally be dangerous because they have experience in this kind of match.

Fans, you can bet that there will be blood shed. Bodies mangled and laying in the ring. Spirits broken, a collision of sorts.

Triple H said that this rivalry has to end, and it will at "Hell In A Cell". Legacy will be lucky to survive this, although they have been trained more or less by their mentor, Randy Orton.

He has been in a "Hell Of A Cell" match and knows how strenuous physically and mentally it is. You will never be the same after that. That cage match will either make or break an athlete, no matter how strong you are.

After this event, all four men will need a long deserved rest. They will be beaten and battered.

I will be rooting for whoever deserves to win.

Guess which tag team that is.