This Is Why We Play This Game.

Jason SimmonsCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2009

This is not an NFL article.

But I think this is a good example of why we love this sport so much.

In case you didn't know, I live in southern California. I'm 17 years old and I play football for Redlands East Valley High.

Last night, we played against so called powerhouse of the OC, Orange Lutheran.

It was a huge game for us, we needed this win to continue our quest for a state championship.

All the hype meant nothing to us.

We just knew we had to leave everything on the field.

But we came out in the first half and laid an egg.

The defense gave up a score.

The offense couldn't get it going.

The Refs were playing for the other team.

And I quote, " We are an Orange county officiating crew, but we will try to call a fair game."


Third quarter, Ole scores again. The score is 14-0, and some people on our sidelines are starting to get that doubt in their minds, A.K.A. the people who don't play.

There was 6:35 left in the game when we finally scored. A.J. Fernandez in the endzone.

Then thanks to the defense, the offense got the ball back with 3:21 on the clock. After a drive that ended with a TD pass much like Santonio Holmes' superbowl catch to #6 Charles Harvey.

0:51 on the clock...

After a couple plays, us D-linemen get the call that we know we can get a pass rush on, JET, JET JET!!!


You could see the excitement on our faces, we were in a 3 man front, it doesn't matter.

We have 1 rule, kill the quarterback.

We get the pass rush, me and my D-end counterpart #93 Andrew Hudson split the double teams and scare the QB into throwing it early, J.J. Ciraulo gets the interception.

Around 0:30 on the board. Wayy to much time.

On the 50. Too close.

Tyler Shreve evades the pass rush, Chance is WIDE open. Bomb to the middle of the field, he's got  it.

Nooooo!!! can't bring it in.

11 seconds on the clock, Shreve looks deep, but Olu is in a prevent defense. So he tucks it and runs.

And this whole time I'm thinking, GET OUT OF BOUNDS!!!!

40... 30... 20... 10... Time expires...

He dives for the pylon... Did he get in!!!!!!!

The Ref reluctantly gives the signal for a Touchdown!!!

We rush the field... it was a blur...

Then we do "The Haka" ( look it up)  for the fans...

Now we're on the bus celebrating, it's loud and joyous.

But then it gets quiet for a while, and everyone is thinking, " Did we really just pull that off??"

Greatest feeling in the world, hands down...