The Dragon and the Spider: New Prey...

Kieran Byrne Correspondent ISeptember 26, 2009

Will someone please tell me, at what point in time did ONE impressive victory over a contender (and I use the term loosely) suddenly equate to a fighter being catapulted to the top of the MMA pile and being ready to do what is considered by many to be dam near impossible by defeating the highest ranked pound for pound fighters in the entire world of MMA?   

When did that rule change!?

Even for old school legends like Vitor "The Phenom" Belfort and Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, who's history is deeply entrenched in the grassroots of the UFC and growth of Pride FC, there should be no exceptions and certainly not for monetary reasons!

Frist, lets look at Belfort; five straight wins is a huge task for any fighter, but remember that is not the same thing as having five straight wins in the UFC. Matt Linland, Terry Martin, James Zikic, Ivan Who? These guys are no where near the same level of Anderson Silva and (maybe with the exception of Linland) the top UFC competition.

You also need to take into account that prior to this five fight winning streak The Phenom lost five out of seven when he had to face top level competition like Hendo, Overeem (two), Ortiz and Couture. 

My point is that although The Phenom looked great in his first round TKO of Rich Franklin, he needs to prove himself not just to be great again but to be an MMA God if he is going to defeat the likes of Anderson "The Spider" Silva any time soon.

For his own carrier and for my satisfaction, Belfort should not be allowed to get in the cage with Silva unless we are all confident that he can demolished Nate 'The Great' Marquardt or Knock Out Dan 'Hendo' Henderson...yes people, he needs to be that good!!

My logic is this....

Dana White, if you want me to pay $50 to watch (which you know I will anyway you bastard) you need to make me really believe that Belfort might actually stand a chance.

Persuade me, not through you saying it but through action, that The Phenom is truly back and ready to do what no man has been able accomplish for the last three years and break the 11 fight winning streak of Anderson "The Spider" Silva to become the new p4p king of MMA!

Cuz right now Big D, i just aint buyin' it...  

The same goes for you Shogun!

I love the old Shogun, incredible fighter! However, a loss to Griffin, a close decision win over Mark Coleman and then one great KO that put the nail in Chuck Liddell's coffin...AGAIN...this does not mean you are suddenly ready to take on and defeat the sub-human MMA Machine know as Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida!

Go knock out Rashad Evans, school Thiago Silva in the cage, beat these guys convincingly, and then come back and ask me for 50 bucks.

Machida is a HUGE favourite to win over Shogun, as i'm sure Silva will be over Belfort. It just frustrates me that Dana refuses to take a little more time to allow these challengers to continue to climb the mountain, wade their way to the top through the bodies of MMA's most elite athletes and deserve/be ready to fight for the title shot.

I'm going to throw it out there, Dana is just covering his ass. He is capitilizing on two very impressive finishes and taking the short term financial benefits (SHOCKING) of a fight that he knows he can market right now, rather than risking a loss for Shogun or Belfort on their way to the title and losing their power to draw a large audience/LOT OF MONEY...never mind how incredible it would be to Belfort vs. Hendo or Shogun vs. Evans.

So this is my vent. I had to get it out and as always i'll be the first to admit that i could be wrong. If either Machida or Silva lose or even come close, I'll be here, feel free to come find me and assist me in removing my large foot from my even larger mouth.

I'm just getting sick of Silva and Machida first round victories. All I want is this, and it's so simple: I want to be convinced that the next time I see Lyoto Machida or Anderson Silva step into the cage I am going to see a REAL challenge.