Nebraska vs. VT: The Aftermath One Week Later

Bleacher ReportAnalyst ISeptember 26, 2009

Here I find myself sitting down at the computer about to do something that I have been telling myself and others that I was done with for quite some time.

That is, write an article for Bleacher Report.

Curiously though, it has nothing to do with Bleacher Report.

In the aftermath of the last ninety seconds of the Nebraska vs. Virginia Tech game, this is where I am at.

One week later, and the emotions are no different.  The angst, the shock, the dismay, the incredible disappointment.  It's all there and all very real. Still very raw.

To be quite honest, this is all very new to me. I am not one that usually hangs on to such emotions over such mundane, mostly nonsensical stuff like the outcome of a football game.

I know there are more important things in life.

Not even the embarrassing losses that Nebraska has suffered over the last 8-9 years stick with me very long.  Mostly, I have just been able to take the good with the bad and move on.

Even before Nebraska football fell on the sword of hard times, something struck me long long ago, even during the incredible success that Nebraska experienced during the 90's.

That it wouldn't last forever and that there would likely be difficulties ahead, maybe serious difficulties. 

Tom Osborne would retire, coaches would leave the program, and the program would feel some hiccups that fans of my generation have never experienced. So, the fact that the Huskers have struggled in the new millennium hasn't been surprising at all.

I knew that some day the tide would turn and the Huskers might have to accept some of the bad medicine that they dished out for so many years.

And that is okay with me.  I am a big boy and can take the bad medicine with all the good that I have experienced. 

Why is that? 

Because for much of my generation I was witness to a dominant Nebraska football team putting a beat down on a lot of teams. 

Even the embarrassing blowout losses that Nebraska has found themselves on the wrong side of aren't that big a deal to me.

My thoughts on it have always been this.

Through the majority of my life as a Nebraska fan, I have witnessed the Huskers dish out the bad medicine. Lately though, the tables have turned a bit and Nebraska has ended up on the other side of the bad losses more than once or twice of late.

Oh well.  I am a big boy and can take the bad medicine and move one. It's not that big a deal in the whole scheme of anything.

Invariably, this means that Cornhusker fans would also have to accept some of that bad medicine as well.

It is my hope that most true Husker fans have done so with the class, the dignity, and respect that makes Nebraska fans the best in the country.

But, this one point loss to Virginia Tech has really got me and that is just the way it is and is going to be.

Go Big Red!