Providence Receives $10 from Marquette Student Because of Kris Dunn Missing FT

Vanessa de BeaumontContributor IFebruary 12, 2016


Free-throw distractions, particularly in the world of college basketball, have become a competition of their own.

Rather than subscribe to all of the antics, however, Marquette student Jamey Schilling opted for a more direct approach—a bribe of sorts.

When Providence guard Kris Dunn set up at the charity stripe during a Wednesday night matchup between the Golden Eagles and the Friars, Schilling decided to give his opponent an incentive to miss his mark.

“I will literally give you $10 if you miss this shot!” he shouted, and sure enough, Dunn did. 

Coincidence? Either way, Schilling is sending Providence Athletics the Alexander Hamilton he owes Dunn, along with a sportsmanlike note.

As it turns out, the sophomore may not be out $10, however. So impressed was his school with his commitment to his word (and maybe even his contribution to Marquette's 96-91 double-overtime victory) that they're rewarding him with some swag.

Lesson learned: There's always value in being a gracious winner.

As decorous (and amusing) as this gesture was, it's probably fortunate that not everyone feels the same need to follow through on their midgame proclamations.

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