Is There a Clear No. 1 Women's Wrestler?

Christi LottCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2009

Hi all! I apologize for my absence, but my work schedule has been killing me and quite frankly, wrestling itself—particularly women's wrestling—has been completely lackluster for me, and not I'm just not that interested in writing. But this one I've been thinking about for some time.

Recently Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine posted their second annual list of the Female 50, highlighting who they believe have been the 50 brightest stars in women's wrestling.

This year saw veteran WWE Diva and current Divas Champion Mickie James at the top. But is that right? Is there anyone who made an impact more than her? Or really, is there a No. 1 women's wrestler?

Personally I don't believe there is anyone who deserves a No. 1 seed. It isn't like last year, where Awesome Kong was the top seed.

She was truly the star of the TNA Knockouts Division and made the biggest impact of all in women's wrestling. No one this year has truly done something to make themselves the top dog.

I have heard arguments that Melina should be No. 1.

I agree that she should be at least, higher than Mickie James. Melina has been in more PPVs this year, came back from a devastating injury, completed a face turn, defeated Beth Phoenix to win her third Women's Championship, made a big jump from RAW to Smackdown!, has managed to get a big pop (which I've heard live, and it was bigger than Mickie James's), and is clearly the top face.

I've also heard arguments for her Smackdown! rival, current Women's Champion Michelle McCool. She made a heel turn, became the top heel, and now carries the glory of being the very first Diva to be both Women's and Divas Champion.

I've even heard arguments for Angelina Love of TNA. She, like McCool, became the top heel of TNA, established herself as a very good wrestler, finally became Knockouts Champion, and has really established herself as a great character this year.

Mickie, for argument's sake has always been seen as the top Diva in the WWE, period. She is seen as the one who has carried the division, especially RAW, outpops everyone on that show, and became Divas Champion.

But have any of these accolades and accomplishments meant that one is better than the rest? Or is it that the lack of attention and support of women's wrestling that gives the most recognizable top billing?

For me, there is no No. 1 women's wrestler, and perhaps, that could be the problem.