The Status of TNA's Beautiful People: Will It Now Be a Joke?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIISeptember 25, 2009

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past two years, or are not a wrestling fan, you have heard of TNA's "Beautiful People."  The group started with Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, yet this past year they also added Madison Rayne.

The group was basically a throwback to what you would see in high school: the hot cheerleaders putting down all the other girls who weren't as good in their eyes.  The greatest part about it is that, in the wrestling world, it has hardly ever been seen, especially for a long period of time.

It continues to succeed.  In fact, their segments are the highest-rated part of TNA's iMPACT! television show.  The problem is that Angelina Love, the leader of the group, is now gone from TNA Wrestling.

She was let go for visa issues, as she is Canadian and you have to have a legitimate visa to work in the United States.  There are a ton of things that go into it, and they are still working on the issues.  However, while the government is working on everything, Love is still living in the United States.  In fact, she is not far from the iMPACT Zone, as she lives in Tampa.

However, she cannot go back to TNA for now, and that means there has to be someone who can come in and take her spot.  It seems as if TNA is not high on Rayne, as she has jobbed on TV for some time and has yet to earn a pinfall victory on television since joining the group.

The Beautiful People's Velvet Sky would be the ideal person to be the new leader.  However, TNA feels she is better as a sidekick rather than as a leader.  This is why they are bringing in Lacey Von Erich, daughter of former WCCW and WWE Wrestler Kerry Von Erich.

She is well-known in the wrestling world for the simple fact that everyone who knows anything about wrestling knows the Von Erich name.  It is arguably the most famous name in wrestling behind the McMahons.

She has also posed for Playboy, so I assume some men know her from that.  TNA realized that Von Erich could be good for them, so they brought her in to replace Love.  It is assumed in TNA that they do not see Love's visa situation being resolved anytime soon, which is the reason for the signing.

They also realize they could easily take her out of the group if Love was able to come back.

The problem is that while Lacey definitely has the looks to be in the group, her wrestling skill is sub-par compared to Love's.  She also lacks experience, as she has been sort of a valet for the most part while working in wrestling organizations.  It is said that she has only wrestled 20 matches since starting her pro wrestling career two years ago, which is far less than anyone on the TNA roster.

In fact, Rayne has wrestled in more matches since arriving in TNA alone.  So, having her in to replace Love is kind of a joke when she is virtually behind anyone on the TNA roster and would be boosted to the top of the Knockout world right away.

She was released from WWE's developmental program back in 2007 at the same time Taylor Wilde, Rhaka Khan, and Angelina Love were.  Many internally with the developmental program, and who saw them all on Deep South Pro-Wrestling TV, thought the release of Wilde and Love was stupid.

Von Erich was released only four months into her developmental career, yet Love and Wilde were there for years before their release.  The decision to release Love and Wilde was a heavily criticized, but the release of Khan and Von Erich was seen as a good move.

The future of the Beautiful People faction seems to be in question because of the loss of Love.  She is far better in the ring, and a great leader for the group, whereas Von Erich would be lucky to have Rayne's job in the group.

Sky is still considered a liability despite having a ton of experience, and because Rayne is seen in sort of the same light, they would need someone to come in and be a leader for them.  But can Von Erich do that when she does not have a ton of wrestling experience?

I think she can work, mic wise, and if she couldn't do anything on that end, I am sure TNA would forget things totally with her.

When she was let go from TNA, she went into acting, yet has no creditable roles that I can find.

She was with Wrestlicious before leaving for TNA, which is considered a comedy show more than an actual wrestling show.  So, it is considered entertainment, which is what wrestling is, but not the kind of thing TNA or the WWE really puts out for an entire show.

So, while she can wrestle comically, like say, Santino of the WWE, that does not mean she is the best person to take the leadership position in a group that is a huge part of TNA.

She may be a great actress, but the Beautiful People need someone who is great in the ring, and not someone who is not.  Love was, which was why she worked so well.  A name will only get you so far if you ask me.

While I respect what her family has done in wrestling, I cannot say I like her for this marquee role.

I have not seen her on TNA TV yet, so maybe I am jumping the gun.  She may work out well for them, but I highly doubt she is good enough to be in the position TNA is giving her.

She is hot, no doubt.  But so are most of TNA's Knockouts.  The difference is that all of them can wrestle, something Miss Lacey Von Erich has yet to prove she can do well.

So, while we will have to see what develops, I do not think this was a smart move by TNA.  I do hope I am wrong, though.

My questions to you B/R community are, do you think Lacey Von Erich is worthy of the leadership position in The Beautiful People?  Is she even worth being signed to TNA period?