Drake and Reggie Miller Will Have Ping-Pong Battle During All-Star Weekend

Vanessa de BeaumontContributor IFebruary 5, 2016


If you were witness to the aftermath of Drake's Internet hit "Hotline Bling," then you're well aware of the memes produced as a result, the most memorable of which depicted Drizzy playing some tennis.

The same animated joke that garnered him even more fame also secured him a Ping-Pong matchup against a former NBA sharpshooter.

Reggie Miller reached out to the the Canadian rapper ahead of the All-Star Game, challenging him to a paddle duel.

The response? A humble acceptance.

But the hosts of the weekend's festivities would have been remiss to not jump in, so they did, offering their services to the contest (and perhaps to their team ambassador in particular).

And so it was steadfastly confirmed—unlike Miller's confidence, which rapidly fluctuated.

At first, the Hall of Famer was concerned, pleading his case for favorable treatment from Drake during a broadcast (specifically hoping he would not be embarrassed in the manner that Meek Mill was).

Next, however, he was talking smack—using Drake's own lyrics, no less.

Whether he was better off sticking to his original strategy remains to be seen. Then again, the ability to sink threes during All-Star Weekend has always amounted to something.