New York Giants Twitter Mailbag: The 'Super Bowl Week' Edition

Patricia Traina@Patricia_TrainaFeatured Columnist IVFebruary 3, 2016

While the global media has descended upon the Bay Area for Super Bowl 50 with questions for Denver and Carolina covering just about every topic you can imagine, in this installment of my Twitter mailbag, the spotlight shines bright on the New York Giants and what's on the minds of you, the Giants fans.  

As usual, you guys and gals didn’t let me down—there are some really good questions in this installment and not a single one about a player’s hair, beard or dance moves.

So let’s jump right in. As always, if you have a question not answered here, post it in the comments and I’ll circle back in a day or two to reply.


@Patricia_Traina How much can a strength coach really do in NFL in regards to injuries. Most players train themselves in offseason #askpat

— Kelvin Grullon (@TheKelvinScale) February 1, 2016

Kelvin, that’s really an excellent question and is one that I’m not sure I’m really qualified to answer because, first, I’m not a strength and conditioning expert and, second, I don’t know the details of the former strength and conditioning program.  

I do have a couple of thoughts. First, the Will Beatty injury bothers me. The Giants did confirm that the injury happened while he was lifting weights last May.

What I would want to know is a) was he lifting more than he should have and b) was he being supervised while lifting since it’s my understanding that you can become injured if you have bad form while lifting.

The other thing I’ve always wondered about is the athletes who “double up” on a workout. Are today’s athletes allowing themselves enough time to recover, or are they trying to squeeze in extra lifts, running, etc., on the same day?  

Again, I’m not a sports science expert, but having worked with my own trainers and a registered dietitian, I’ve been told that you can get everything you need to recover from a workout in your diet and that you should allow your body at least a day to rest and recover naturally before working the same muscle group again.


@Patricia_Traina hi Pat - hope all is well.  Do you think D. Kennard is better suited for DE.  Maybe simplify duties, minimize injury risk?

— PJNJ (@NYPJA) February 1, 2016

Thanks for the question. I don’t see that happening, to be honest. I don’t think Devon Kennard is big enough, nor does he fit the prototypical Giants defensive end size requirement. Also, I can’t see how playing closer to the point of attack can minimize the risk of injury.

What I could see happening is Kennard moving to middle linebacker if the Giants pick up a solid outside linebacker either in free agency or via the draft. I think back to when Kennard was drafted.

Nolan Nawrocki of noted that Kennard played middle linebacker in college, so a potential move to the middle wouldn’t stun me if the Giants don’t bring in a middle linebacker from the outside. 


@Patricia_Traina Do the Gmen finally address the LB position in the NFL Draft or in Free Agency? #askpat

— Chill Will (@willie53174) February 1, 2016

Thanks for the question, Will. I could see the Giants addressing linebacker in both free agency and the draft, though I would need to see who actually is available once the free-agent sweeps begin. 

Teams could end up re-signing some pending free agents while other teams could end up cutting guys due to salary-cap concerns, thus putting a few different guys out there.

For instance, anyone remember how the Giants landed safety Antrel Rolle? He was a salary cap cut just days before the start of free agency, his availability changing the direction they went in as far as filling needs.

This is one of the reasons why I don’t like to go too deep into what free agents will be signed and who will be drafted. I know that one can play “what if” scenarios, but I just find that to be a tedious exercise.

I have always believed free agency can influence the direction a team takes in the draft, especially if two players at different positions have similar grades.


@Patricia_Traina #askpat do you think the Giants attempt to go after big names on defense via free agency or do they make smaller moves?

— Trill deGrasse Tyson (@JasonWardNY) February 1, 2016

Thanks for the question, Jason. I think we’re going to see a combination of big names and smaller moves this year. While Over the Cap projects the Giants to have about $42.8 million in cap space, keep in mind that the cap space can be eaten up fairly quickly.

I do think the Giants are going to sign a few big names. For instance, I could see them making a push for defensive end Olivier Vernon if he doesn’t re-sign with Miami.  That would be a “big splash” for sure.

I also think you’ll see them sign a bunch of players to modest contracts, which has been their practice all along.

The thing to watch with free-agent contracts is the guaranteed money and how that’s proportioned out. It’s rare for players these days to see the end of their contracts; usually teams part ways with players who have underperformed their contract just as soon as the guaranteed money is paid out.


@Patricia_Traina Most and least likely to return next season: JPP Prince Randle Ayers #AskPat

— Scotty Z (@ScooterZ24) February 1, 2016

Thanks for the question, Scotty. Right now, my guess is that Prince Amukamara and Rueben Randle move on and Robert Ayers returns.

In a radio interview with Jay Mohr Sports, Amukamara sounded on the fence regarding whether he’d be back with the Giants.

Certainly if he does return, it would probably behoove the team to build in some playing-time incentives into the deal given that Amukamara has been unable to make it through a 16-game season in all but one year as a pro.

Randle? I’d be surprised to see him back here.

He has been too inconsistent. If you remember his rookie year in 2012, his work ethic came under question when NBC’s Cris Collinsworth, during a broadcast, made mention of it, and then Randle’s teammate, Victor Cruz, added onto the pile, according to the New York Post.

Rueben has to understand that this is a business now, it’s not just come out here, lollygag, because you may not be getting as much reps as somebody else, that you shouldn’t be giving as much effort. He has to understand that each and every day he walks in here he’s a professional and he has to perform no matter what’s being asked of him.

That was of course in 2012. Has Randle’s work ethic improved since then? Well, considering that Randle, according to Pro Football Focus, has been the target on 17 of quarterback Eli Manning’s interceptions (versus 20 touchdown catches) and has dropped 13 balls, questions about Randle’s work ethic and preparation would certainly have merit.

As for Jason Pierre-Paul, I’m on the fence regarding whether he comes back. If the Giants land a big-name free-agent pass-rusher, e.g. Olivier Vernon, then no, I don’t see Pierre-Paul returning on a multi-year deal. 

Here’s the problem with Pierre-Paul. Just as general manager Jerry Reese kept saying all last year that it wasn’t wise to put all their eggs in one basket (this regarding Victor Cruz), I don’t think they can put their eggs in one basket regarding Pierre-Paul.

What happens if the surgeries he has on that hand don’t take right away? Do they really want to sink a lot of money into him after seeing how ineffective he was with one hand?

And then there is one more point, as noted by Inside Football: Other than the 2011 season in which he had a breakout year, Pierre-Paul’s production has been nothing to get excited about.

So no, I don’t think Pierre-Paul will be back unless it’s on a very reasonable contract.  


#askpat...what are your thoughts on the personnel dept not being touched at all?

— Brennan Neill (@BrennanNeillVT) February 1, 2016

Thanks for the question, Brennan. I’m not surprised there hasn’t been any changes to the personnel department just yet because to make radical changes to that department right now would be a disaster.

Remember, these scouts have been compiling data that’s been analyzed and arranged for months. To start making changes now means you’re going to end up throwing some of that away, and that’s going to hurt your draft.

When it comes to NFL personnel departments, the time to make changes is AFTER the draft. So let’s see what the Giants do in May once they have their key free agents in place and have made their draft picks.


@Patricia_Traina Do you believe Giants keep or trade Nassib for a draft pick this offseason? With so many holes on team, it makes sense.

— Tim (@McelroyTimmy) February 1, 2016

No, I don’t see that happening at this point. You mention all the holes on this team—do you really want to create another hole at backup quarterback?

Did you not see what Dallas and Houston went through this year because neither had a decent backup quarterback?

I understand your line of thinking—get something now for Nassib before he hits free agency, but with Eli Manning getting up there in age, do you really want to start from scratch with another young quarterback having to learn the system on the fly?

And do you honestly think that Manning will be able to keep ducking bad luck? Maybe he will, but do you really want to see them take that chance? I know I don't.


@Patricia_Traina Do you think they only restructure Beatty if need be? his cap hit for a LT is not big.

— mike desorbo (@mike47725919) February 1, 2016

Thanks for the question, Mike. No, I think Beatty is going to have to restructure regardless. If he doesn’t, he’s out.

Remember, Ereck Flowers is the team’s left tackle now. Beatty could be a good soldier in taking a salary cut and moving to right tackle, but I would be stunned if that happens.

If I’m Beatty, I look to get that one last contract on the open market that pays me guaranteed money over two or three years.

Experienced left tackles are at a premium, so I can’t see him not getting a decent deal if he should hit the market and is healthy.


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