Super Bowl Halftime Show 2016: Odds, Predictions for Coldplay's Entertainment

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistFebruary 2, 2016

Chris Martin of Coldplay performs at the American Music Awards at the Microsoft Theater on Sunday, Nov. 22, 2015, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)
Matt Sayles/Associated Press

Millions of people across the world are likely to place wagers on Sunday's Super Bowl between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos, but betting stretches far beyond the game itself.

Super Bowl prop bets are often a major topic of conversation during the week leading up to the game, and that is once again the case for Super Bowl 50, as observers have a chance to put some money on the line in relation to Coldplay's halftime performance.

With additional performers expected to join Coldplay on stage, there are plenty of betting options that promise to keep the halftime show interesting, even for those who aren't necessarily looking forward to the performance itself.

As final preparations for Coldplay and Co. commence this week, here is a rundown of the top prop bets to consider, along with predictions for how each will play out.

Where: Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California

When: Sunday, Feb. 7 at 6:30 p.m. ET (start time of game)

Watch: CBS

Opening Song

Which Song Will Coldplay Play First During Halftime Show?
SongOddsMoney Line
Adventure of a Lifetime2-1+200
Fix You15-4+375
A Sky Full of Stars9-2+450
Viva la Vida9-2+450
Speed of Sound9-1+900
Head Full of Dreams10-1+1000
Odds Shark

The set lists for Super Bowl acts are often kept under wraps until showtime, and Super Bowl 50 is no exception. Predicting Coldplay's performance is simply guesswork at this point.

One particular area of interest is the band's first song, since that figures to set the tone for whether it will be a halftime show for the ages or simply a footnote in history.

Coldplay has plenty of hit songs to choose from, but "Adventure of a Lifetime" has been established as a firm favorite due to the fact that it was released in November and remains one of the most popular songs in the world. The fact that it's also upbeat helps its cause in terms of being the first song.

One dark-horse choice to look out for is "Viva La Vida," which may be Coldplay's most recognizable anthem.

Football fans might remember that every commercial touting Bruno Mars' halftime performance two years ago featured the song "Locked Out of Heaven," the song with which he ultimately opened.

For Coldplay, the official Pepsi teaser uses "Viva La Vida" in the background, which could be a clue that the band's top hit will open things up Sunday:

"Paradise" is also worth a look at 10-1, since it is a song that has some energy to it, which can't be said for many of Coldplay's songs due to the mellow nature of its act.

Coldplay certainly has a few solid options worth considering, but "Adventure of a Lifetime" is the likeliest choice, due largely to the fact that it is fresh in the minds of music fans on the heels of its release a few months ago.

Beyonce's Footwear

What Color Will Beyonce's Footwear Be?
ColorOddsMoney Line
Any Other Color7-1+700
Odds Shark

While Coldplay is the featured halftime act, it almost certainly won't be alone Sunday at Levi's Stadium.

Alex Ungerman of ET reported in December that Mars was expected to join the band on stage, and ET's Sophie Schillaci followed that up with a report that Beyonce is likely to be a part of the show as well.

Since Beyonce is something of a fashion icon, it comes as little surprise that the prop bets place a great deal of focus on what the 34-year-old superstar will be wearing.

Black is the favorite in terms of her footwear choice, but another color may make more sense and fit better with the NFL's Super Bowl 50 motif. The NFL's logo has been outlined in gold all season long in celebration of the 50th Super Bowl, and Beyonce has been decked out in gold in several high-profile performances over the years.

Because of that, look for the gold/brown footwear color option to pull off a minor upset over black when Beyonce takes the stage Sunday.

Beyonce's Cleavage

Will Beyonce Show Cleavage?
CleavageOddsMoney Line
Odds Shark

Beyonce's footwear isn't the only aspect of her look that viewers will be fixated on, assuming she performs at Super Bowl 50 as expected.

The 20-time Grammy Award-winning performer has a penchant for accentuating her assets while on stage, and the oddsmakers have decided to reflect that with a prop bet relating to Beyonce's cleavage. Many across the world were likely to keep an eye on that regardless, but the fact that bets can be placed on Beyonce's chest will give everyone a reason to rationalize their fixation.

The notion that Beyonce will show cleavage is a heavy favorite, which is to be expected, since it was on display during her Super Bowl halftime performance three years ago:

Jordan Strauss/Associated Press

Also, a simple Google search makes it abundantly clear that Beyonce isn't shy about going with a low neckline during her shows.

Some might be tempted to throw a few bucks on the "no" option at 6-1 odds, but based on Beyonce's history, that bet isn't likely to pay off.

There isn't much money to be made here, so rather than betting on "yes" with little payoff coming your way, steer clear of the cleavage prop.

Number of Performers

How Many Artists Will Sing During Halftime Show?
NumberOddsMoney Line
Over 3.53-2+150
Under 3.510-21-210
Odds Shark

While Coldplay remains the only confirmed Super Bowl act thus far, reports suggest that Coldplay front man Chris Martin, Beyonce and Bruno Mars will all get on the mic at some point during the show.

That makes for an interesting prop bet related to how many artists will sing during the course of the performance.

The line is set at 3.5, which means at least one more singer must join the fray in order for the bet to go over.

Beyonce and Mars are the only special guests who are widely expected to take the stage, but Super Bowl halftime shows are often filled with surprises.

Hugh McIntyre of Forbes speculated that Rihanna and Jay Z are strong candidates to appear, since they have both collaborated with Coldplay in the past.

Jay Z figures to be in attendance at least, being Beyonce's husband, while Rihanna was featured in a cross-promotional commercial for the Super Bowl and Grammy Awards, which could be a clue regarding some type of involvement:

There is certainly some risk involved with taking the over, which is why it has been installed as the underdog choice, but the writing is seemingly on the wall that additional performers could be involved.

One can only assume that the NFL wants to go all-out for Super Bowl 50, so bank on at least one more artist getting involved in addition to those who have already been reported.

Left Shark

Will Left Shark Appear On Stage During Halftime Show?
BetOddsMoney Line
Odds Shark

Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime performance from last year was memorable for many reasons, as it was more colorful and upbeat than perhaps any show in Super Bowl history, but most would probably agree that the true star of the show was Left Shark.

As seen in this GIF of Perry's performance, Left Shark went rogue during his dance routine and became an Internet legend in the process:

According to Jessica Goodman of Entertainment Weekly, Super Bowl halftime show director Hamish Hamilton never expected Left Shark's rogue dance number to become such a hit.

"I don't think anybody on the team had any idea that Left Shark was going to become such a cultural phenomenon," Hamilton said. "But to be part of this team that came together to put that show on was a beautiful thing."

While this year's halftime performance will be stacked with star power, it's likely that many fans will be openly rooting for a repeat appearance by Left Shark, and the oddsmakers took full advantage of that.

Although there isn't a line attached to Left Shark not appearing, those who bank on him being part of the halftime show can get 15-1 odds.

That may be a Hail Mary worth taking, since the Left Shark costume is indeed in the area, according to Tom Pelissero of USA Today:

The smart money is on the NFL leaving Left Shark out of the festivities, so as not to overshadow the other performers, but there is no doubt that his return would create one of the most memorable moments in Super Bowl halftime history.

Placing a small wager on a Left Shark appearance may not be a bad idea, since the odds are so long, but don't expect a return on your investment.

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All betting odds courtesy of Odds Shark.


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