8 Overrated NFL Players

Cole SablovitchCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2009

1. In my opinion the most overrated player in NFL history is Larry Johnson. He had 1 season with big numbers but he had a ridiculous amount of carries to get them. He is fat and obviously slow he brings nothing to the table at this point. The fact that he is even on a NFL team is preposterous when i wouldn't start him on a high school team. Larry's best case scenario is a 3 yard run because he will just get winded and fall over.

2. Fast Willie Parker is my second person who is ridiculously overrated. He is fast hence the nickname but he has the worst vision of anyone in the NFL. He will always be able to break 1 or maybe 2 huge runs a year but is a horrible overall back just because he is two dumb to see the hole. There is a reason he was undrafted steelers just cut your losses and let willie find a track and field team somewhere.

3. #3 is Kevin Smith he has done absoulutly nothing since he has joined the NFL. Smith had 1000 yards last year and is being heralded as a great NFL back when backup runningbacks in the NFL get that much yardage. He is young and has a shot i guess but he just reminds me of Kevin Jones who did the exact same thing a few years back anyone remember him? i didn't think so. Smith is a Backup at best and has bust written all over him. 

4. Tony Romo is #4 he is gonna miss T.O. for sure. Romo was drafted to be a backup thats what he should be if i played with T.O. i would have good numbers also. Romo is not good when under pressure and will fail badly this season. He still has good weapons who may make him look good occasionally but he will not bring them to a superbowl. Terrel Owens said it himself Dallas has a T.R. problem not a T.O. problem.

5. Matt Forte is #5 he is the most overrated player currently in the NFL. Forte had decent not great numbers and was being talked about as 1 of the best runningbacks in the NFL. His numbers came from a lack of options rather than talent and now that Cutler is in town he will diminish in to the second tier of backs in the NFL. Forte will probably never put up horrible numbers but he will never be the star he was expected to be.

6. Ben Roethlisberger is #6 he is somehow a talentless superbowl winner. Ben almost wasn't put on this list because of his wins but on talent alone hes not a top 15 QB. He throws as many interceptions as he does touchdowns and the sacks he takes are ridicuous. Ben may win more superbowls because of the talent that surrounds him but if the steelers had a good QB they would be unbeatable. If Ben did not have Pro Bowl caliber wide recievers all of the time he would not have a starting job for long.

7. #7 is Matt Cassel i don't know how he got a job. Matt Cassel should not be a starter in the NFL maybe not in the NFL at all. He had a good year on the best team in football with the best wideouts and the best coach and only won 11 games. I would personally start Ryan Leaf over Cassel at this point he didn't even start in college for crying out loud. The one positive things that comes of this is it makes me think i got a shot in the NFL???.

8. #8 is Bernard Berrian he is not a #1 reciever. Bernard is simpily not a very good reciever he has bad hands and is not a good route runner. Berrian is considered the vikings "#1" reciever but is the least used because new QB Farve is smart enough to see he is not good. Berrain Should be embarresed to know that he is the fifth option for farve when hes paid like the first.