Fantasy Football Sound Off: Week Three

Michael WhooleySenior Writer ISeptember 25, 2009

SAN DIEGO - SEPTEMBER 20:  Willis McGahee #23 of the Baltimore Ravens carries the ball against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium on September 20, 2009 in San Diego, California.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Week two has come and gone and needless to say, I am a bit irritated. While I have started out 2-0 in a handful of leagues, in two of my important leagues, I am sitting at 0-2. And, in one of them, if I had played the right matchups, I’d be sitting at 2-0 there too.

But, that is neither here nor there.

Rather, I have a few shout outs that I would like to send to some players around the league, so it is time to stumble upon the week three edition of Ziza Sounding Off; an article that was prescribed to me by my anger management counselors, Bruno Boys Cavigs and Bruno Boys Whooley.

Each week I will be nailing the more important issues around the NFL and analyzing the impact that the news should have on the fantasy football world the only way I know how—Bruno Boys Ziza style.

If you enjoy sarcasm coupled with informative information, Bruno Boys Nation this is for you. If you don’t, oh well. I couldn't care less! This is part of my therapy; blame them, not me. Now, onto this week’s fantasy football impact news.

News: Willis McGahee has four touchdowns in his first two games, whereas Ray Rice has yet to punch one in during his career.

Ziza Sounding Off: The Baltimore Ravens are in a great situation, but the way they are handling these two backs is really wreaking havoc on the fantasy football world. Seriously, how many leagues do you know where Willis McGahee went before Ray Rice? I am in six leagues, and I can honestly say that it happened NADA times in mine.

And, I am the lucky owner of Rice, whom I believed was a great bargain as a RB3. While Rice is averaging nine fantasy points per week, it still pales in comparison to McGahee, who has punched in two touchdowns each week this season.

Damn you McGahee. Go away! Seriously! Last year, you didn’t even seem as if you would have a roster spot with the Ravens in 2009, and now, you are the goal-line back, the man stealing the touchdowns from Rice?  Don’t you care about fantasy football? Don’t you care about me? I have Rice in four leagues. I have two babies to feed. What are you doing to me?

Actually, it isn’t all that bad as the Ravens have faced two weaker rush defenses the first couple weeks of the season and Rice is still getting his yardage. The true test will be when the schedule gets a bit tougher.

Rice, step up man. I beg of you. I talked you up all year, and you are letting that dip-crap show you up. I know you have it in you - represent! Get your first damn touchdown this week, please. I need it.

News: Ex-NFL wide receiver Plaxico Burress started serving his two-year prison sentence on Tuesday. 

Ziza Sounding Off: Being a Michigan State Spartan fan, nothing had made me more proud during the last seven days than their former star-receivers Charles Rogers (DUI) and Plaxico Burress (prison sentence started) making negative headlines once again.

While Rogers has no fantasy football impact as he has long been ousted by the NFL, Burress had a shot at being one of the best for a great team in the New York Giants. Because of the problems that Burress has brought to the organization, the Giants are struggling to…oh wait. They aren’t struggling! In fact, I think no one is really missing Burress at all.

Two of the hotter pickups around the fantasy football circle this week probably wouldn’t have been able to strut their stuff if none of this had gone down. Mario Manningham (32 fantasy points) and to a lesser degree Steve Smith (27 fantasy points) have stepped up and become huge targets for quarterback Eli Manning.

While I never look forward to seeing people go to the big house because of an accident, Burress could have easily killed someone or himself. I don’t feel sorry for him, and in a way, if he is really that ignorant then all I have to say is thank you.

Thank you prisoner Burress for shooting yourself in the leg that way two solid citizens/players have an opportunity to show their goods. Enjoy the sandwich spread surprise meal while watching football on Sunday, Plaxico; you deserve it.

News: After a 198 yard, three touchdown performance by Adrian Peterson in week one, Chris Johnson had a 284 yard, three touchdown performance in week two. Is something in the water?

Ziza Sounding Off: Ok people, stop pushing the panic button. So what, you drafted Matt Forte or Steve Slaton, both under-performing at a critical rate, while you watch players that were drafted in similar positions go off to the tune of umpteen fantasy points. This won’t continue people. Well, sort of.

There will always be a player or two that goes off every week; the first two just happened to be top-10 picks. No one can predict these games, not even the players themselves. It takes a weakness in the defense that is challenged time and time again along with a few breaks along the way.

The truth of the matter, though, is that you can’t wonder why your players aren’t blowing up as well. You need to be asking yourself why your players are sucking the big royal hot dog. I have a few myself.

In fact, I am the unproud owner of the Houston Texans running back. Slaton has less points in both weeks than either of the above is averaging in one. But, you can’t just give up on them. You have to hold strong.

For every undeserving 0-2 team out there, there is a team that is 2-0 that completely sucks. That is not bad karma, just the way the game sometimes plays itself out.

Hang in there, don’t panic and before you know it the Chicago Bears will come to realize that it is Forte and not Jay Cutler who’s ass they need to be kissing.

Ziza’s Sounding Off Wrap Up: While I love to complain about everything that irritates me, there are some solid things going on around the NFL that are pleasing to watch. The play of the New York Jets as a whole is nice to see. How they came out in week two and made the New England Patriots realize that they aren’t all that very fun to watch.

Also pleasing to the eye is all of the quality Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night games that the public has been able to view from the comfort of their own homes. Seriously, the games are usually crap; but this year is different. The feel of the NFL is different. I am sure I am not the only one out there that feels that way.

So, while we all have players that are under performing and some of us, myself included, have sucked it up in some of our leagues, there is time to improve. But, no matter how bad it gets, don’t forget that this is just a game and the NFL is supposed to be enjoyed, not hated.

Remember, you don’t have it all bad; at least not most of you. After all, I am a Detroit Lions fan.

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