Fantasy Football Week Two Duds

Michael WhooleySenior Writer ISeptember 25, 2009

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - SEPTEMBER 20:  Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots passes against the New York Jets at Giants Stadium on September 20, 2009 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

Once again, taking on the task of identifying those over performers and under performers from the previous week of fantasy football is Ryan Hallam, creator of Fighting Chance Fantasy.

So, join Ryan as he takes us through the Week Two Duds and in case you missed it you can check out Week Two Studs by clicking the link. And if you have any questions for him, email for Week Three fantasy football advice.

Note: All point projections read in this recap are from standard scoring leagues (non-PPR) and are projections made by the Bruno Boys staff


Tom Brady (New England Patriots) – It was another disappointing game for Brady and the Pats and this one didn’t end in a fumbled kickoff and last minute comeback.  The New England offense sputtered again and failed to reach the end zone.

Brady failed to complete even 50 percent of his passes and threw for just 216 yards.  He also threw an interception and scored just six fantasy points, a far cry from the 20 he was projected for.

Hallam’s Take:  I’m not saying to walk the plank yet with Brady, but I do think there are reasons to be concerned.  Sure the New York Jets defense has looked great through two weeks, but NO touchdowns?  I would put some feelers out about Brady to see if anyone is still willing to give you a ton for him, but other than that you have to hope that he snaps out of it. 

The schedule isn’t a cake walk upcoming so you may be getting average numbers for a while.  It seems teams have figured out that you need to put pressure on him to cause Brady trouble.

Brady Quinn (Cleveland Browns) – Quinn and the Browns have sputtered for two consecutive weeks and I am starting to worry about their offense going forward.  Quinn was a very pedestrian 18-for-31 for 161 yards on Sunday.  He failed to throw a touchdown pass, but did turn the ball over on an interception.  Even on a modest 12 point prediction, Quinn came up well short on his performance as he scored just four points.

Hallam’s Take:  This was a guy that I was hopeful about coming into the season, but I have let that ship sail.  The Browns offense hasn’t shown many signs of life through the first two weeks, and I’m not sure that there should be hope for the future in 2009. 

I still think that Quinn will be a solid quarterback someday in the NFL, but I really am struggling to see that happen this year.  In fact, I think he is closer to being replaced by Derek Anderson than he is to being a fantasy contributor.  To be used only as a bye week replacement…in desperate situations.

Brett Favre (Minnesota Vikings) – It was another Vikings' win against a subpar team, but again Favre didn’t make anything that resembled a fantasy impact.  His projection of 20 points seemed quite reasonable to me, but he again failed to live up to expectations. 

Favre completed a great percentage, as he was 23-for-27, but it was for just 155 yards and two scores.  Sounds pretty decent, right?  Well, he still fell six points short of the projection when he scored just 14.

Hallam’s Take: You know what is concerning me about Favre?  The Vikings are 2-0 and he hasn’t made an impact in either game.  I know it is only two games, but he has thrown for a combined 265 yards and three touchdowns. 

He has yet to throw an interception this year, which is good considering he led the league in INTs in 2008.  But somewhat to my surprise, he just isn’t throwing the ball that much and he has had two favorable matchups against the Lions and the Browns.  A bye week replacement only.


Matt Forte (Chicago Bears) – It has been a tough way to start the season for Matt Forte, as he has faced one great defense after another to open the 2009 year.  Against the Steelers on Sunday, Forte ran for just 29 yards on 13 carries, and made five catches for 33 yards.  All in all, it was a whopping disappointment for Forte and his owners as he mustered up just five points, a far cry from the 13 he was projected for.

Hallam’s Take:  Through two games, Forte has still not broken 100 yards for the season and he still hasn’t found paydirt.  But, I’m not ready to break up with my man crush just yet.  I still love the guy, but things about him are starting to annoy me.  The way he leaves his socks on the floor, the way he slurps his spaghetti, you get the picture. 

But in all honesty, he has played two great defenses in Green Bay and Pittsburgh.  He gets Seattle in Week Three, which is banged up and just allowed Frank Gore to run for over 200 yards against them. After that it’s Detroit, Cincinnati and Cleveland in three of the next four games.  A great buy low candidate in my opinion. 

Steve Slaton (Houston Texans) – It was the second straight tough defense for Slaton as he has faced the Jets and Titans in the first two games.  This past Sunday, Slaton rushed for just 34 yards on 17 carries, and also caught three passes for just 25 yards.  His five fantasy point were nearly a third of the 13 that he was predicted to put up.

Hallam’s Take: Slaton is another guy who gets a pass for his first two bad weeks and he has been worse than Forte.  He has rushed for just 51 yards combined in his first two games, and he hasn’t scored yet either. 

The road gets easier for Slaton going forward, and he should breakout and start living up to his draft position starting next week.  Don’t freak out and trade him, he is another great buy low.

Brian Westbrook (Philadelphia Eagles) – Again, Westbrook wasn’t the major part of the Philly offense that he has been for the past five years.  For the second consecutive week he had just 13 carries and three catches.  In yardage, he had just 52 on the ground and 14 through the air, giving him just six fantasy points.  His owners were crushed because they thought he would score 18. 

Hallam’s Take: He was drafted anywhere from the end of the first to the beginning of the second round, but Westbrook is certainly not performing like that so far.  But it is his lack of involvement in the offense that is a concern.

He has been most of the Eagles offense for the past few years both running and receiving, but through two games he has averaged just 13 carries and three receptions, not to mention he is still without a touchdown.  It appears to be a combination of Westbrook’s lengthy injury history and a bit of a philosophical change that they are throwing the ball more.


Greg Jennings (Green Bay Packers) – The Packers offense looked pretty strong after the first game with their win over the Bears, but had much more trouble than expected in their game with the Bengals.  Not only did Jennings struggle, but he failed to catch a single pass.  That obviously equates to zero fantasy points, which really killed his owners that were hoping for 16. 

Hallam’s Take:  Shutout?  Skunked?  The big Oval?  Holy crap, who saw that one coming? And it wasn’t like the Packers got shutout, they did score 24 points.  Again, nothing to freak over, just a bad game. 

OK, a colossal bad game, but don’t hit the panic button is the lesson of the day.  Jennings will be a top ten receiver is all and said and done, don’t you worry about a thing.

Roy Williams (Dallas Cowboys) – The Cowboys put up a good number of points, but somehow Williams didn’t really fit into the scoring on Sunday.  Roy was able to come up with just one catch for 18 yards, giving him, of course, just one fantasy point.  After his impressive opening game performance, he was a major disappointment because he was projected for 14 fantasy points.

Hallam’s Take:  After an impressive first game there wasn’t much room left on the Roy Williams bandwagon, but those who jumped on late were in for a shocker of a surprise when he caught just one pass on Sunday night against the Giants.

I was a little skeptical on Williams coming into the season, but was pleasantly surprised in the opener.  I still stand firm by my thoughts that he will be somewhere between what he was in week one and the disaster that was week two.  70 catches, 1,000 yards, and seven to eight TDs sounds about right.

Randy Moss (New England Patriots) – The Jets secondary didn’t give Moss much of a chance as the Patriots were kept out of the end zone for the first time in a long time.  After a huge game in Week One, Moss put up a total DUD.  He caught four passes for just 24 yards, giving him just two fantasy points.  That was A MILE from the 17 points his owners were expecting him to score. 

Hallam’s Take:  When Darrelle Revis shutdown, Andre Johnson in the first game many people chalked it up to a bad game.  Well, I’m not sure what you have to say now that Revis has shut down Johnson and Moss in back to back games.  The kid is a stud and is turning into one of the best corners in the NFL. 

Of course it does help make the CBs job easier and the WRs job harder when the QB has so little time to react before the pass rush is in his face.  Moss should be back and rolling next week, and over 100 yards again.


Zach Miller (Oakland Raiders) – It was a very ugly game, and that was mostly due to the “work” done by JaMarcus Russell who literally couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.  But when your quarterback only completes seven passes in four quarters, it is hard for you to put up good stats. 

But Miller took it one step further by catching no passes, and thus scoring no points.  His projection of nine points was reasonable, if he had anyone with any skill throwing him the ball.

Hallam’s Take: Here’s another guy who looked very good in the first game and then came up with the old goose egg in week two.  This one I blame on JaMarcus Russell who had about the worst game a professional quarterback could possibly have throwing the ball.  I know his QB won’t be changing, but I still like Miller.  Russell can’t be worse than he was on Sunday and Miller is his most consistent target.


Ryan Succop (Kansas City Chiefs) – It was a (defensive?) struggle all day long between the Chiefs and Raiders which didn’t leave a lot for the kickers to do on Sunday.  I guess based on the projection of nine points for Succop that it was assumed that there would be some more points scored. 

But Oakland and KC didn’t disappoint those of you who like low scoring, boring football and Succop was able to score just four. 

Hallam’s Take: I was going to go with Josh Brown of the Rams, but I chose him last week, and I hate to keep pounding on the guy because he is on a horrible team and never gets many scoring chances. 

You probably won’t ever lead the league in points when you are kicking for the Chiefs either, so if you are counting on Succop, I would definitely look in another direction…any other direction really.


Seattle Seahawks D/ST (Five Stars) – With the drafting of Aaron Curry and the return from injury of a couple of good pass rushers, much is expected from the Seahawks this year.  But they have to do better than they did on Sunday against a team that isn’t the most explosive on offense by any stretch. 

Included in their 23 points, Seattle gave up TD runs by Frank Gore of 79 and 80 yards, not to mention failing to come up with a turnover and only sacking Shaun Hill twice.  They might have been a five star pick for this week, but they performed like two stars at best.

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