How To Get Rid Of Milton Bradley and Then Win a World Series

Mark TContributor ISeptember 24, 2009

MILWAUKEE - APRIL 10: Milton Bradley #21 of the Chicago Cubs looks to the sky after hitting a home run  against the Milwaukee Brewers during the Opening Day game on April 10, 2009 at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

It looks obvious that Milton Bradley will not be a Cub in 2010. He will probably be traded to a team and they will know, just like Jim Hendry did, that they made a mistake.

I have a trade that I think, actually I know would be perfect for the Cubs. Will it happen? I don't know, you tell me your thoughts.

Lou Piniella said this when asked about Soriano batting leadoff next year: "No, if we stay the way we are, we have the option of Kosuke Fukudome or Ryan Theriot. If we add a speed player to the mix, that would change, obviously,"

That speed player could be......Carl Crawford! The man obviously has a lot of speed, he has pop in the bat, and can get alot of base hits. Crawford has 59 stolen bases this year and only 15 caught stolen. The Cubs this year have 54 stolen bases and have been caught stolen 31 times. That is a big reason why we need Crawford.

The Rays are willing to deal Crawford and we know the Cubs will trade Bradley. But you have to have more in this deal so here is what I say: Milton Bradley, Andres Blanco, Jake Fox, and Angel Guzman for Carl Crawford and Jason Bartlett.

The Rays would deal Bartlett, Crawford, or Carlos Pena if the trade worked. They are looking for a DH player for next year, put Fox there. The need a better bullpen, well take Guzman. Bradley can go in the outfield and Blanco can take Bartlett's place.

Why do we need Jason Bartlett? Well Theriot is a great hitter and will be a contender for lead-off man next year, but he needs to be at 2nd base. He is a good fielder but he would be more comfortable at 2nd and Bartlett could play shortstop.

I know this trade will probably not happen, especially because rumors say the the Rays are trying to give us Pat Burrell, but I think this trade could really help the Cubs.

The second part of the headline says "and Then Win a World Series". I really think if this trade went through the Cubs would no doubt be the best team in Baseball. They still have some flaws but these two guys could make up for it.