Stop The Hatred: John Cena Is The Most Unappreciated Star In WWE History

Myles HubbardCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2009

Over the years there have been stars who have been respected and revered by sport fans and wrestling fans in general: Guys such as Michael Jordan, Brett Favre, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Michael Jordan gained respect for skill, his awards, work ethic, and knowledge of the game. Brett Favre gained respect for the love of his sport, showing up to the game week in and week out, and never forgetting where he came from. Us wrestling fans know why Austin is so beloved around here. His gimmick was one of, if not the most popular gimmick in WWE history: The tough redneck who never quit, spoke his mind, and would drink a beer after he won a match( or if he lost, it really didn't matter). Now, if you combine all of these attributes ( except for the beer drinking), who should come out of it? On to my point.


There just so happens to be a guy that has all of those attributes that has garnered respect from fans around the world. This man is detested and slandered by people that are so-called "pure wrestling fans". Every time he wins a match, or even thinks about a title, they go on rampages, rants, and act like 9/11 has happened all over again. And why? Because he doesn't exactly have the technical ability of Bret Hart, or athletism as AJ Styles, or the wrestling background of Kurt Angle? If that is the case, Stone Cold Steve Austin should receive triple the amount of hatred this man named John Cena receives on a daily basis.


Now, Stone Cold Steve Austin didn't exactly have an unpredictable move set. If anything, he used the same amount of moves that John Cena uses today. And to prove it, I've got two videos that you may want to take a look at. ( And if you take a look at Austin's, you may notice that he wasn't exactly that "smooth" in the ring if I might add)


Austin's move set


Cena's moveset


Now I'm not bashing Austin because I'm just a big a fan as anybody else out there, but before people judge John Cena, they need to know all the facts first. This man has done nothing but dedicate his life to the WWE and people still bash him? For What? Because he's on the road 24/7, away from his wife and family all year, putting asses in seats, and putting money in Vince McMahon's pocket's? Sure he's not greatest wrestler of all time, but he sure as hell is not the worst. Before we make another negative comment about this man, we need to at least commend him for carrying the WWE on his shoulders for the last 3 years.


We also hear about a new wrestler being arrested or suspended for some random thing every other week it seems. Has John Cena ever even been rumored to have any contact with a drug what so ever? Have you ever heard of him getting arrested period? I didn't think so. He has too much respect for the business even think about getting in trouble and putting a negative image on the WWE's name. Yet he stills get jeered by the "die hards" for reasons I still can not comprehend. Folks like The Brian Kendrick should be hated by us fans, not a guy who shows up for the people day in and day out.


Another point I want to make is that he is one of the nicest guys backstage the WWE has, even though he is a top guy in the company. That's why he is as respected as he is in that locker room. He would do anything that management would ask him to do. Plenty of stars in the company have said how good a guy he is and that he's a good influence on them and the business for that matter. Is it his fault that the WWE is throwing his stale gimmick at us week after week? He's just doing what he is supposed to do and that's why he gets these title runs. So stop bashing him for always being in the main event. If Vince McMahon wanted him to lose the WWE Championship to Hornswoggle, than he would.


So a lot of people really like to bash him for being basically a "kiddies" champion. Well, if you bash someone for visiting sick children, and being an avid charity worker, than you  must not be in your right mind. This man is a true role model for kids and will be for years to come, regardless of all of your demands for a heel turn.

Here is just a prime example of his numerous contributions to charity.


Now I'm not a fan of Cena the wrestler, but I do have respect for Cena the man. I could go on for a whole lot longer, but I think I got my point across very well. Hopefully I have gotten through to a few of the Cena haters out there, but I'm sure that somebody is gonna have a few words for me, so bring it. lol





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