Floyd Mayweather Takes the Cheap Way Out; Thoughts on Klitschko-Arreola

Jonathan YaghoubiContributor ISeptember 24, 2009

Big Apple Boxing Thoughts

In what was probably his best performance since the fight with Diego Corrales, pretty boy Floyd Mayweather got people to reconsider who is the top pound for pound fighter in the world with a 12 round domination over Mexican superstar fighter Juan Manuel Marquez.

However, that performance is not nearly enough in my eyes to take over Pacquiao’s top spot in the rankings.

The result was no surprise at all. It was a battle between a little man who couldn't carry his speed and power at a higher weight division against a naturally much bigger man who had to cheat on the weights to become even bigger.

I have seen enough anti-Mayweather articles to keep nailing on that issue but it was just a blatant sign of disrespect for Floyd to not show up at the agreed catch weight. Only God knows how much Floyd actually weighed on fight night.

It just gives everyone one more reason to hate on Mr. Mayweather. Many people truly believe Mayweather, who was 146 pounds, never had any intention of making the contract weight of 144. He treated Marquez like a chump and got away with it by paying him a few extra bucks. Seriously, what is 600,000 bucks to Mayweather? Its chump change and that is why he did what he did.

Shame on Golden Boy, Marquez's promoter, for doing its fighter a disservice by not protecting him in any way all in the name of not upsetting Mayweather, the prima donna.

I am not saying that the two extra pounds would have made the difference between winning and losing, because it did not.

It was obvious from the outset that he was not even in Mayweather’s league as a fighter.

But for Mayweather to give himself an even greater advantage against a man who weighed 142 pounds, seven more than he had ever weighed for a fight in his life, showed absolute disrespect and no class to the sport of boxing. There is a reason why everyone is hating on his performance and still has a ways to go on truly being “great”.

The best part of the whole PPV was right after the fight when Sugar Shane Mosley tried to take a page out of the world of WWE when he stepped right in and basically challenged Floyd to a big money fight.

I have read a lot of journalists who called Mosley’s act classless and disrespectful.

I am going the other way and saying that I loved it. The fans that paid the 55 bucks to watch it on PPV and the 500 bucks or so in person were just pissed off and annoyed about how the fight went down.

Shane Mosley was one who voiced his displeasure and looked as if he was trying to back up his fighter, Marquez. Mosley knew the big advantage Floyd had and basically told him, “Now try doing what you did to someone your size: me!”

To me, it’s a brilliant PR move by Mosley because ever since his destruction of welterweight champion Antonio Margarito, the man can’t get any fight with anyone. He is the welterweight champion!!!!

They do this kind of stuff in the UFC and it looks as if they are doing quite well in the PPV business. Mosley wanted to call out Floyd on the big stage because he knew everyone was watching.

It was quite hilarious for B-Hop to throw his two cents into that confrontation and egg on Mosley. It was very entertaining to watch and I hope to see more of that “nonsense” in the future.

A Mosely-Mayweather fight would be fantastic for the fans to watch, but it’s not the one the public is demanding. That fight will come down on November 14 when Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto fight in the bout of the year, and if Pacquiao can win that, then we have our match-up.

Mosley looks he is going to have to wait his turn and instead probably fight Clottey or Andre Berto. If he gets past either guy, then it’s going to be very hard for Mosley to be ignored any longer.

We will know more after November 14. On a side note, it is interesting to see if Cotto copies Floyd's strategy by coming a little overweight and really pressing his size and power on Manny the way Floyd did.

There are rumors that Cotto’s entourage is urging Miguel to go for it.

Now here's my two cents on the Arreola-Vitali Klitschko heavyweight title fight slated for this Saturday night. It is certainly a heavyweight fight that everyone can at least get a little excited for.

Can an American finally bring the heavyweight title back to the States? I would have loved this fight for Arreola if he was fighting Wladimir. There is no way Wladimir would be able to stand up and take Arreola’s punching power. Does anyone remember Corrie Sanders?

But he is fighting the elder Klitschko and I just don’t think he has the boxing skills to defeat Vitali. Vitali is great counter-power puncher and has a chance to make Arreola look really silly.

He gave Lennox Lewis all he could handle with one eye and is one of the true boxers in the heavyweight.

I know this fight won’t go the full 12 rounds. Arreola will have his moments but I just don’t see him ready to take that next big step. I am going to take Vitali with a sixth round TKO win, but I do feel he will be faced with some adversity in this fight. It should be one hell of a brawl.