High School Student Section Distracts Free-Throw Shooter by 'Delivering Baby'

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistJanuary 21, 2016

via @StoriedRivals

If Arizona State's 942 Crew is recruiting, it need look no further than Sheridan (Thornville, Ohio) High School.

If this video is any indication, Sheridan students have already perfected the art of distracting free-throw shooters.

When an opposing player stepped to the line, the Generals student section turned the stands into a delivery room—and boom, out popped a "baby" boy.

Try shooting with that going on behind the hoop. 

This stunt is something you'd expect to see from the 942 Crew's "Curtain of Distraction," not a high school game. It's that good. Hopefully, they continue their shenanigans and raise the bar even higher.

[Storied Rivals]