New York Mets Riding Three-Game Winning Streak: Somebody Pinch Me!

Andrew MeesAnalyst IMay 29, 2008

After tonight's victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers, I couldn't help but think of Lou Brown's famous quote from Major League Two...

"Now, we won a ball game yesterday. If we win one today, that's two in a row.  We win one tomorrow, that's called a winning streak. It has happened before."

Three wins in a row for the first time in a month. 

While that's a good accomplishment for the boys from Queens, a closer look at how they've won tells me these bears might actually be coming out of hibernation. 

Take tonight's game for example. Carlos Delgado turns in a web gem? David Wright goes 2 for 4 off a righty? Louis Castillo gets three hits in the same game? Seven runs driven in with two outs? Five players with at least two hits? A second straight lights-out performance from the pen?

Yes, you read that last paragraph right. Trust me, I've triple-checked those stats, and was adjusting my TV throughout the game to make sure I hadn't entered an alternate universe. 

These past three games are a glimpse of what this team is capable of. From top to bottom, the team is playing to their potential, and every aspect of the roster that had been a problem has been a strength over this short stretch.

The boys showed the fight and the heart we've been waiting for in coming back not once, but twice from the brink of defeat in last night's thriller against the Florida Marlins, and kept that momentum going into tonight's game.

More importantly, that come-from-behind victory did something to this team.  David Wright spoke about it after the game, saying, "That's the kind of game we won in '06. Those are the games when you build confidence and get swagger".

On any ball club I have ever been a part of, you could always look back once the season ended, point to one singular moment or game and say, "that's when we became a team." Obviously you're a team in that you are a collection of players who play together and want to beat the other team, but I'm talking about the true meaning of the word.

Everyone is pulling for the guy next to them. Everyone feeds off each other. When your backs are against the wall, you pull together and do it for each other, because you don't want to be the one that lets everyone down. 

You genuinely care about the people you are playing with, and they care about you in return. You know there's no way you'll lose the close games and that you can always come back no matter what the odds, because you share that bond with each other.

Some people may think those types of things don't happen anymore, and they certainly don't happen in professional sports. But ask any championship team and they'll all say these same qualities are what propelled them to a title. 

Last night was the first time all season where I saw those things from this group of players. It was a collective team effort to come away with that victory, and you could tell the joy the players had when they mobbed Fernando Tatis at the end of the game. They looked like they had just won it all. Tatis looked like he'd just gotten the biggest hit of his life. And it was May 28.

It's that type of emotion this team's been missing, and it was once again evident in tonight's game. Maybe it took an event like that for the Mets to truly become a team, and all signs point to that being a case.

That's right people, last night could very well be the night we look back at in October as the turning point of this season. 

And I've got to give credit where credit is due. Hats off to Willie Randolph. Showing cojones in sitting down Delgado for two straight days, playing the hot bats off the bench, everything he's done in the past three games has been great.

A three game winning streak and me praising Willie Randolph? I've stepped into the Twilight Zone. And I'm loving it.