Meet The Spartans From Michigan St

Walter GibsonContributor ISeptember 24, 2009

Michigan State wide receiver Blair White is on track for a banner year.  At his current pace, he’ll finish the season with 16 touchdowns and over 1300 yards, more than Calvin Johnson in his last year at Georgia Tech.

Does that mean the home grown Spartan, a 6’2” senior, is making a blip on the radar of the NFL’s scouting reports?

Only if they want to put their teams’ PR departments through hell.

Three words for you: Andre, Plaxico, Charles.

What’s the deal with the Spartans?

Maybe Charles Rogers’ recent arrest wasn’t as cool as Charles Barkely getting busted cruising for high school chics, but still, you gotta hand it to him.

Drunk driving. Falling asleep behind the wheel. Doing it all while waiting to make a left turn.  That’s some very impressive multi-tasking.

But nothing we haven’t seen before.  No, the real genius in Rogers’ feat was being so wasted that the cops couldn’t wake him up and had to pull him out of the vehicle through the sunroof.

That’s cool. And just one more example of a Spartan receiver willing to go the extra yard.

A lot of ballers bring their gat when they hit the clubs.  And who can blame them?  The security threat posed by jersey chasers in the VIP cannot be over-exaggerated.  So pack the heat. Hell, wave it around and make like Tupac.  But let’s face it, that’s where most players draw the line.  The peacock strut.

Only Plaxico went so far as to actually shoot his Glock.  Again, the extra effort Spartan ethic.  Notice we didn’t hear any of the Spartans complain about extra practice sessions in the off-season.  That’s the kind of sissy bitch mentality reserved for their cross-state rivals in Ann Arbor.

But before we give too much credit to Rogers and Plax, we must remember that theirs is a legacy started years ago, a tradition rooted in the pioneering work of the great Bad Moon Rison.

Andre Rison set a high standard for shady and criminal behavior, a standard which has clearly been both a beacon and a goal for Spartan receivers ever since.

His failure to pay child support led to criminal prosecution and jail time, but hands down Rison’s signature accomplishment was pissing off a chic so much that she burned his house down.  Dude, how stupid are you?  Sure we’ve all done something to piss off a chic before.  But pissing off a chic named Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes … that’s just dumb.

The kids in Ann Arbor lay claim to going to the better academic school in Michigan.  And the kids in East Lansing respond by saying they go to the better party school.  It’s a solid argument.  After all, who would you rather hang with when you’re 19, smart pre-meds or stupid strippers?

So a few years from now, when we see Blair White in his first mug shot, don’t judge him too harshly.  He may vindicate the MSU brain drain, but he’s just a man following a tradition.