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HOLLYWOOD - JULY 14:  Comedian/Actor Cedric The Entertainer attends the 12th Annual ESPY Awards held at the Kodak Theatre on July 14, 2004 in Hollywood, California.  This year's ESPY's will air Sunday, July 16th on ESPN beginning 9 PM EST/6 PM EST.  (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

 This week both promotions that fill our airwaves on Monday night's gave us a 6 man tag team match as their main event. As usual the company with world domination failed and the little company based out of Philadelphia made us believe once again in professional wrestling.

So on the USA network we have Cedric the Entertainer hosting Monday Night Raw (don't even get me started on that one.) He makes a main event pitting MVP and Mark Henry teaming up with the new WWE champion(unfortunately) John "Superman" Cena against Y2J Chris Jericho and The Big Show-the undisputed WWE tag team champions-along with former WWE champion The Legend Killer Randy Orton.

First we have 2 minutes of talk time with Jericho/Show and Orton explaining the stipulation they got Cedric to agree to before the match. The stipulation stated that if Orton/Jericho/Show win then Cena has to have a gauntlet match against the three of them next week. If Orton/Jericho/Show lose than Orton has to have a gauntlet match against MVP/Mark Henry/Cena.WOOOOWWWW!!! I'm shaking with anticipation (sarcasm added here.)

A play by play of the match is so not necessary. Its tag team wrestling by numbers as usual. I swear everytime I hear " ballin " from MVP I want to throw up.

Mark Henry enters the match just in time for CENA to pick up Show(again) toss him over the ropes ,MVP and Jericho keep each other occupied as Randy hits a much needed RKO on Henry for the win.

 Orton deserved as well as needed that win since uttering the words "I QUIT" at Breaking Point. I still can't believe that well executed 9 month long heel push came to end with a submission to Cena like that.

So now next week we get to look forward to our gauntlet match with Cena facing Orton, The Big Show and Chris Jericho.....I can't wait (sarcasm again here)

Now, on HdNet we also had a six man tag as the main event.Here, its the ROH World Tag Team Champions:The American Wolves consisting of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards teaming with that Young Knochout Kid Chris Hero against Roderick Strong, Kenta and The American Dragon himself Bryan Danielson.

Just at the outset we have Davey Richards and Danielson pushing and spitting at one another, setting an entirely different tone then what we were subjected to on RAW.

As we all know, Bryan Danielson is on his way to the WWE. He has traveled all over the world and is one of the best technical and submission wrestlers in the world today.

Kenta, from Japan is the inovator of the "Go to sleep" which WWE World Heavyweight Champion CM PUNK uses as his finisher. He also has some of the hardest kicks in wrestling today.

Roderick Stong, who rounds out the faces, has without a doubt the best chops since the Nature Boy Ric Flair. He teamed with current ROH World Champion Austin Aries in his rookie years and learned well.

On the other side of the Ring, the American Wolves are joined by Chris Hero who is an athletic big man who will take your head clean off with his rolling elbow shots.

Too many great spots to name them all. Richards nailed a back stabber to Danielson while Danielson was atop the shoulders of Eddie Edwards.

Towards the climax there were 3 super-plexes off different turn buckles one right after the other that was pretty amazing

So so many long 2 counts which really add to the suspense of the contest. This has been a staple in ROH matches, where as in WWE its saved for pay per view or special pairings like REY REY vs MORRISON.

The outcome that night was the faces with Roderick Strong finally getting the 3 count on Eddie Edwards. The match was almost 20 minutes long with no commericals as usual.

The same sport, the same night, the same type of match but two completely different executions. I would love to hear your opinions about both match-ups.If you don't have HdNet go to and click on sports. Its usually posted by Tuesday afternoon if its not on youtube yet.

Thanks for reading...hope to hear from you.