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charles sledgeContributor ISeptember 24, 2009

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Director of Youth Programming

Charles R. Sledge Jr. is author of the very popular and informative book, The Batter's Out (Authorhouse, 2009) His book is one of the most dynamic teaching manual's ever written regarding defensive alignments for nearly every situation in the game of baseball.

Charles Sledge was born on September 9th ,1956, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is the oldest of three children. Charles has been an avid baseball player and fan since the age of eight. Although he enjoys all sports, he has a special love for baseball. He rose throughout the ranks of organized Youth Baseball, having played Little League, Pony League, Colt League, high school, and Semi-Professional baseball.

After graduating from high school, Charles enrolled at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Upon graduation, he became an accomplished artist. But still, his love for baseball never died, and he landed a tryout with the Pittsburg Pirates. However, instead of accepting a baseball contract in their farm system, Charles honorably decided to serve his country in the United States Army Infantry, stationed in Berlin, Germany. Back Stateside on America's West Coast, Charles played semi-professionally for the Seaside Bombers while still in the Army.

Though Charles is beyond his playing years, his love for the game continues. He volunteers much of his time coaching Little League Baseball in his home town. He has coached and managed all four of his children, including his one daughter who loves baseball as much as her three brothers.

As Director of Youth Programming for CSPN Sports Radio Network, Charles hopes to reach out to youth programs across the country to give them a unique opportunity that they will cherish for a lifetime. Not only will the kids learn front-office procedures in the sports industry, but their organization will be given the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars in commercial revenue by broadcasting their own sports talk show. For more information, contact:

*Live Broadcasts are subject to availability. If time slots are not available, then the Youth League will record their live game and CSPN will clear a time slot for re-broadcasting to the largest audience possible.
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