ACC Coastal Feature Games, Pac 10 Teams Trying to Unseat USC After Upset

David HedlindAnalyst IISeptember 24, 2009


There is only one game featuring two ranked teams. If you would have told me this would be the only game this week featuring two ranked teams, I probably would have laughed.

It isn’t so much that I find it hard to believe that No. 9 Miami and No. 11 Virginia Tech are as highly ranked as they are, although Miami is a little bit of a surprise this year after an average season last year.

The thing I find more hard to believe is that all of a sudden games that were hyped up in the preseason have a team that has fallen out of the rankings somewhere along the way.

I thought we were going to see ranked North Carolina vs. ranked Georgia Tech, ranked Cal vs. ranked Oregon, ranked Iowa vs. ranked Penn State, and more recently we almost had ranked Texas Tech vs. ranked Houston.

Now each of these only feature one ranked team but they are all still very relevant.


Thursday Sept. 24

Mississippi at South Carolina—Remember the days when SEC fans made fun of everyone else for having mid week games? Last year Ole Miss lost to South Carolina before finishing the season strong.


Friday Sept. 25

Missouri at Nevada—To be honest I am surprised by both of these teams. Missouri is much better than I thought they would be and Nevada has not come close to what I thought they were capable of.


Saturday Sept. 26

Fresno State at Cincinnati—Fresno State is always considered a dangerous team and even though they lost to Wisconsin and Boise State, they played hard till the end. Cincinnati is the hands down favorite for the Big East and better not overlook the Bulldogs.

North Carolina at Georgia Tech—These two are trailing Miami for the Coastal division. If Miami should stumble, the winner of this one looks to be in the best position to try and steal the division lead, well you know that is if Virginia Tech doesn’t.

Southern Miss at Kansas—Southern Miss took out an ACC team already, although it was Virginia. Kansas hasn’t really played anyone worth much. I think this one could be pretty good.

TCU at Clemson—TCU is in the lead position for the Mountain West to try and get a bid to a BCS bowl. If they could add Clemson to the win column they would be sitting even better.

Illinois at Ohio State—Ohio State appears to have rebounded from the USC game. Last time they played here Illinois pulled off a massive upset.

Cal at Oregon—Oregon has made a turnaround from week one and is coming off two home wins including one to a ranked Utah. Cal has won four of the last five in the series. Autzen is always a tough place to play. After the recent upset of USC the Pac 10 seems wide open. Speaking of which Cal plays USC next, don’t look ahead.

No. 9 Miami at No. 11 Virginia Tech—Clearly the game of the day. With this game and the before mentioned North Carolina at Georgia Tech, the ACC Coastal division will start to take shape.

Colorado State at BYU—Colorado State used to own the Mountain West. They have started out 3-0 and are either going to catch a disappointed BYU or a BYU looking to take it out on someone.

Army at Iowa State—I don’t know why but something intrigues me about Army this year. I want to see them go to a bowl. I would think Iowa State is a winnable game.

Arizona at Oregon State—There isn’t much separating the middle of the Pac 10, and these two teams are right in there looking for an opening to move higher. I think teams nine through two are going to just eat each other alive. Arizona and Oregon State will likely fall into this area.

Louisville at Utah—Utah just lost to Oregon and now they look to start a new winning streak. Louisville looks improved from last season, this may show us how much.

Iowa at Penn State—In last year's game Iowa killed Penn State’s national title hopes. It was a close one. We’ll see what happens this year.

Washington at Stanford—Washington is coming off a big upset and if anyone knows what that’s like it is Stanford. Washington has looked good this year so far but all of their games have been at home. I want to see them play a pretty good Stanford team on the road before I declare them back.

Texas Tech at Houston—I would expect a high scoring, offensive battle that will likely be won by either the defense or whoever has the ball last.