Penn State LB Ben Kline Head-Butts Teammates in Huddle, Bleeds Everywhere

Thomas DuffyFeatured ColumnistJanuary 2, 2016


Warning: Video contains NSFW language.

The word “savage” gets thrown around a lot these days.

Well, Penn State linebacker Ben Kline is an actual savage—which defines as someone who's “fierce, ferocious or cruel; untamed.”

Before his team fell to Georgia in Saturday’s TaxSlayer Bowl 24-17, a helmetless Kline was going wild in a pregame hype session. He then started head-butting his teammates. You can see some blood at the end of the clip.

Here’s the result:

Understandably, he had to change his jersey before the game started:

What an animal.

[Twitter, h/t SB Nation]