The WWE Titles: A In Depth Look and Review Of The Titles Today

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 23, 2009

Hello, everyone. As always, I would like to thank all of you for joining me today.


A while back I did an article grading the current tittles in the WWE. Since then I have seen some improvements made, and I have also seen some digression. So I figured it was time I did a follow up article on the subject.


I think overall the titles are as healthy as they have ever been. I like the fact that we are seeing less hot swapping and quality title defenses. The belts are as only good as the people defending them.


With that said, it is good to see that they have had the straps around quality wrestlers. If the WWE continues to follow this trend things can only get better. That is a big if though, you never know how things will pan out with Vince.


Enough of the chit chat though, its time to get down to business.


The WWE Diva’s Title


Out of the two woman’s titles that are being held. I think this one is probably the better of the two. Mickie James has done a super job representing the title in and out of the ring. She is probably the hardest working diva out of both Raw and Smackdown.


The women on today’s roster are more than capable of delivering a good match. The problem is they don’t give them nearly enough time. If they let them wrestle a little more they would definitely turn more heads.


I would like to see the Diva’s title featured more often on Raw and PPV’s. I don’t think we will ever see this unfortunately. The Women as of late always seem to take the back seat to the men.


I give the Diva’s title a C+


The Women’s title.


I’m not sure what is going on with this belt. I always preferred this belt to the Diva’s title. For starters it holds more history, and I also think the Women’s title says wrestling more then the Divas title.


The problem with the Women’s title is not Michelle McCool. The problem is the way the belt is used. It seems to me that the Women’s title is nothing more then a piece of jewelry these days.


Like on Raw, the women on Smackdown are more the capable in the ring. In fact I think the women on the Smackdown roster is better. Sadly these lovely ladies are not given nearly enough time.


In order for this belt to mean anything, we need to see it defended more often on Smackdown and PPV's. It is a shame that a belt with the history that it holds is being wasted.


I have to be honest and grade this once prestiges title a D.


The Intercontinental championship


Over the last year this belt has made some major improvements. This title was laid to waist for a long time. It wasn’t so long ago that who ever held the belt was champ for a long time.


It wasn’t because of quality title defenses though. The reason they would be the champs for so long was because it was never defended. It would be nothing more then a heavy belt that was carried around for show.


Thanks to a couple really good feuds though that has all changed. With the help of Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, and Ziggler, we have seen the IC titles credibility skyrocket. After Mysterios suspension I got a little nervous.


I wasn’t sure how they would go about things after that. They put my mind at ease though after giving the strap to Morrison. I know some were upset that it wasn’t given to ziggler at first.


I think that this could turn out to be a blessing for him though. A feud with Morrison could do wonders for Ziggler, more importantly though it will keep the juice flowing to the IC title.


I hope going forward we continue to see the IC title progress. At one point in its history, it was considered one of the top belts in the business. I would like to see it be restored again to that level.


The IC title is on track to becoming a great belt again. As it stands today I think it deserves a solid B+.


The U.S title


This in my opinion is the number one secondary title in the WWE right now. Whether it was Matt Hardy, M.V.P, or Kofi Kingston. The U.S title by far has been given the most juice.


The U.S title is constantly defended against a variety of opponents. The matches are always competitive and keep you at the edge of your seat. It is with out a doubt my favorite title right now.


 A titles job is to help put over newer guys on the rise. It is doing wonders for Kofi Kingston right now. It should help out either the Miz or Swagger after one of them wins it.


This belt as far as I am concerned, is the new push belt in the WWE. It has a rich history that can’t be denied, and it is only getting better each week. Out of all the title defenses at the upcoming PPV this month.


I look forward to the U.S title defense the most. I think we will see all three competitors give it their all in the three way dance. In the end the true winner will be the belt though.


The U.S title deserves nothing less then a grade of an A.


The Tag Team titles


I have to be honest and say that I am disappointed in the direction they have taken. It seemed for a while that the tag straps were making progress. As it stand now though, I would have to say they have gotten stale.


At one point we were starting to see some real momentum build up in the tag division. So what does the WWE go and do? They break up Primo and Carlito for no good reason.


They also started to tease us with a reunion of Benjamin and Hass, only to have them pull the rug from under us. I thought things were going to get better after Edge and Jericho won the belts.


 Fate would step in though and take Edge out of the equation. Who would they get to replace Edge? They would replace him with non other than the Big Show. Don’t get me wrong; I have nothing against the Big show.


I just have a tough time buying them as tag team partners. I have tried my hardest to get into them as a team. I just find myself unable to buy into what they are selling. We all know that it’s only a matter of time before they split.


Another concern I have is who do they put the belts on? I can count on less then one hand how many legit tag teams the WWE has. It would also be nice to see them defend the titles on ECW once in a while.


The way things are looking now. I would have to say the tag titles are back in limbo. I hope the WWE does something to change the current situation. Some how I don’t see that happening though.


The tag titles are in some serious need of help right now. If the belts were on anyone else I would give the tag titles a much lower grade. Because the belts are on Jericho and the Big show, I will give them tag titles a C-.


The World Heavyweight title


This is another belt that I think could use some improving on. As far as credibility goes, I have to question this title a little. This title has seen been swapped around for to often for my liking.


It went from Jericho, to Batista, then back to Jericho. After that it went from Jericho to Cena, who would then loose it to Edge. This would be followed with Edge and hardy trading it back and fourth.


The fun isn’t over yet though kiddies. We would then see the title go from Hardy to punk, then back to hardy, then back to punk. My friends would all take place within a year’s time.


That is just way to many times for the heavyweight title to change hands. It looks like they might be finally heading in the right path. CM Punk is going on his third month as champ.


I need to see him hold the belt a little longer though. If I have to watch this title passed around any more I am going to go nuts. The WWE needs to stick with one guy for a while, plain and simple. 


If they continue to pass around the belt like its gravy at the dinner table, than the title will hold as much credibility as a bad check. If I can figure this out, than how is it a million dollar company cant?


I can only hope that the WWE has seen the error of their ways, if not than we will continue to see the downfall of the heavyweight title. I guess all we can do is wait and see what happens.


It looks like maybe the WWE is going to stick with Punk for a little bit. For that reason I will be a little kinder with my grading. As is stands now, I think it would be fair to give the heavyweight title a solid C+.


The WWE heavyweight title


This title needed to make a lot of improvements. I am happy to say the WWE did just that. After they put the belt on Randy Orton they let him run with the ball a little. I think he did a pretty good job holding the strap.


I know some will argue that he was made to look like a weak champion. The fact is though he was a heel champ. If you look through out the history of the WWE, you will find that for the most part that is how heel champs are represented.


I think Randy Orton stepped up his game and is on his way for greatness, this was helped by him not dropping the title every other month, it gave him the credibility he needed to be considered a top notch champ.


I would have liked to seem him hold the belt longer, but I guess you can say by today’s standards you can say he had a nice run as champ. I think we will see this same pattern followed with Cena.


He is the companies’ top face, so this should only help the WWE title. I would be surprised if he lost the belt before the three-month mark. I think we are starting to see a nice trend happening with the belts.


I think the WWE has stepped up and made improvements with the WWE title. I think it would be fair to give the WWE title a solid B right now.


I would like to thank all of you again for joining me today,


As always, have a great day and God bless.


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