Breaking News: Bret Hart Returning to the WWE?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIISeptember 23, 2009

In what I can only say is the weirdest turn of events of all time, there is some shocking news coming out today. According to the most credible wrestling news source out there today in the Wrestling Observer, Bret Hart has claimed he is open to returning to the WWE as a weekly storyline character.

Some like myself who know the story with Hart are more shocked than those who don't. But let me refresh the minds of those who know, and tell the ones who do not know what happened with Bret Hart and the WWE.

There was a match between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart for Hart's WWF Title. Hart was leaving for WCW, he told just about everyone. Vince McMahon knew of course, and he realized that he had to take the title off of Hart.

He was going to leave later on in the week, right after the PPV. Hart was said to have creative control, yet McMahon trumped that. He decided that Hart needed to leave looking bad, and he wanted the WWF to look good, so we saw the Montreal Screw Job.

Shawn Michaels put Hart in the sharpshooter, Hart's patented finisher. Referee Earl Hebner called for the bell despite Hart not tapping out which put the WWF Title on HBK.

Keep in mind this took place in Hart's home country of Canada, which made this even more memorable. Hart was so ticked off that he didn't return back to the WWE until his Hall of Fame Speech in 2006.

Canadian fans will never forget what happened, and they will never let anyone else forget it either. But, you can't blame them right? They saw one of their heroes screwed over. Of course, it only made people tune into the WWF even more, especially RAW the following night.

So can you say McMahon was nuts for doing this? I don't think so. Was it right? Probably not, but it turned out to be one of the best things he ever did. Because it got the WWF some much needed attention.

In any case, Hart was very angry with Vince. This was until his stroke. Vince was one of the first men to call Hart to see if he was ok, he then sort of made up with McMahon. They are probably still not the best of friends, but they are no longer bitter enemies.

Hart has decided that he would like to come back if the WWE would have him, and the WWE may be bringing him in. Hart has been in business talks with the WWE for the past few months, and it is said that the whole screw job on the Undertaker was planned as a way to bring Hart in.

It makes sense, because it is probably one of the most memorable things Hart was ever a part of in wrestling history. So, it would be a nice way to bring him in. Now, the issue is that Hart mentioned in the past that if he ever returned to the WWE, he would never want to be a manager or authority figure.

He knew he couldn't wrestle anymore, so that would be out too. I would think that he may go against the idea of not being a GM or manager.

Think of this, The Hart Dynasty is on SmackDown, the brand the WWE may bring him to. So, he could easily be a manager for them. Also, now that Teddy Long will be gone for a while, considering we kinda saw The Undertaker get rid of him last week, Hart could also be a GM there.

If he wanted to be a weekly character, there is no way the WWE could use him in any  other way. He cannot wrestle anymore, I know it, B/R knows it, and he knows it. So, how would he come back?

I think it is obvious that he would be GM, unless he just wants to come in for a small period of time.

I think we should take this with a grain of salt for now, at least for a few months. I don't think it would be wise to bring him in soon unless The Undertaker is going to be around longer.

See, Taker is not doing so hot right now. He is hurting according to people in the WWE, and they know at some point he is going to need surgery on his knee. He is only hurting them more by wrestling on them.

So, he could need to take time off a little after the Hell in a Cell PPV. It would be great to see Hart come in after the PPV, but will it happen? I can't say for sure.

With Long out, 3 members of the Hart royalty on Smackdown, and the Screw Job on Taker, it makes total sense to see him in sooner rather than later. This would give him a chance to be on the show before Taker needs to take time off.

Bret Hart is one of the best ever, but that was in the ring. He was never someone who could sell out an arena with his promos, so my only concern would be that he would bore people with his segments out in the ring.

My question to you B/R is, should Bret Hart come back? Also, do you think he will?