Is Rampage Jackson the Shaquille O'Neal of MMA?

Nate DoubleAnalyst ISeptember 23, 2009

In 1996, during the peak of his popularity, Shaquille O'Neal was approached about playing a fun-loving, rapping genie who comes out of a boom box to help a little boy reconcile with his father.

The name of the film was Kaazam, it cost $20M to make, and brought in just under $19M in revenues.  Kaazam was met with universally horrible reviews from critics and has a four percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Luckily for Shaq, he had his basketball career to fall back on.  In fact, Shaq went on to star in another equally awful film in 1997 called Steel, as well as play bit rolls and make guest appearances in nine other films.

Rampage Jackson has had supporting cast rolls in a number of films already, but will be in a starring role in the upcoming A-Team movie.  Playing B.A. Baracus, the roll made famous by Mr. T, Rampage will be the lovable brawler of the crew. 

While playing B.A. Baracus won't win an actor an Oscar anytime soon, it is an opportunity to star in a movie set for major release.  Rumors surrounding Rampage's movie deal indicate that he won't be highly paid for the first movie, but will cash in if there is a second film.

Considering the A-Team is a cult classic from the 1980s and may not be well received enough to get a sequel, Rampage might want to renegotiate and get some money now.

Unlike Shaq, who never let his film aspirations get in the way of playing professional basketball, Rampage has elected to turn his back on his profession and his professional commitments. 

The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 has recently begun airing episodes in which Rampage is featured as a coach, opposite rival Rashad Evans.  The culmination of each season of TUF usually ends with the coaches meeting up in the cage on a pay-per-view event following the fighter season finales on Spike.

A ton of money and time is invested into crafting the story of TUF and one of the apparent heavily aired story lines is the very real animosity between Rampage and Evans.

The UFC PPV that reaps the benefits of the coach's story is now in jeopardy, as the fight has been put on hold.  The hot running feud between Jackson and Evans will likely lose some of its heat and become a lukewarm dislike, similar to what happened between Matt Hughes and Matt Serra.

I think Rampage might want to take a lesson from Shaq and keep his day job just in case this whole acting gig doesn't work out exactly as he plans.