Is Vince Russo Actually Good for TNA Wrestling?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIISeptember 23, 2009

I know by the title of the article, I may get bashers before they even read the article. We all know of Vince Russo and how he has been a cancer to any promotion he has been a part of, but it seems lately he is actually helping Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA).

About two months ago, it was found out through Bubba the Love Sponge Radio show that Karen Angle (former wife of Kurt Angle) was living with Jeff Jarrett. Someone claiming to be an employee of TNA called in, and Bubba quickly wanted to dispute what the man was saying.

Bubba happens to be friends with both Kurt and Karen, so he tried calling Kurt but could never get him. However, some say it is now proven Jarrett and Karen are shacking up.

But even before this was proven, TNA President Dixie Carter sent Jarrett home and has not allowed him back. Because she owns the bulk of the company, she has the power. She cannot fire him, because he also owns the company with Carter, but there is a rumor she could buy him out.

He has been taken from his booking power, which means someone had to take over. That man is Vince Russo, who is also the head of the creative and writing team.

This is a similar power he had when he was in WCW. He, along with Eric Bischoff, controlled the entire show, and when Bischoff left in the late '90s, he was in control of just about everything.

This was the time we saw the Finger Poke of Doom, and Goldberg's winning streak end. The two things some wrestling experts say was the final straw for the show. Russo was behind both.

Some say Nash was behind Goldberg's winning streak ending, as he was also supposedly booking for WCW at the time. However, he didn't take over with Russo on booking until two months later. I believe the streak ended in December of '99 and Nash started booking the following February.

In any case, the two things that killed WCW came because of Russo. But, why would that mean he is good for TNA?

Well, like he did in WCW, he knows how to push young wrestlers well. We hate him for some of the things he did to put down promotions, but we have to respect the fact that he can make a star out of just about any young wrestler.

In WCW, Russo was behind the pushes of Buff Bagwell, Booker T, Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero, and others. All of these men ended up doing quite well in WCW, and most of them did well in the WWE once WCW went under.

Now, he is doing something similar in TNA. He is pushing Matt Morgan, Eric Young, a much deserving AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, The Pope D'Angelo Dinero (Elijah Burke), Samoa Joe, and many others. It has been happening slowly but surely.

And what is so funny is that the TNA iMPACT program seems to be more fun to watch. We as fans are tired of seeing the same old guys out there every week that we saw 10 years ago.

Sure, we like them, but how many times can we see them out there when they can barely lace up their boots without needing a chiropractor to help them afterward?

People like Sting know they need to see younger guys out there contributing, so he is going to be walking away soon. He knows he cannot take the punishment any more, and he also does not need the spotlight to know he made his mark.

He is already a legend in the business, and he doesn't need another World Title to remind everyone. The crazy thing is, unlike some other veterans in TNA, he can still go in the ring.

I am glad he is stepping away, because it does make room for other young stars. But, I'd rather see a few others step away too.

Russo knows though, that these vets are not getting younger. And he needs to push the other young guys now, so that when all the veterans are gone, the young guys on the roster can replace them.

If you keep the same vets in the main event limelight every week, once they finally leave there will be no one who could take their spot realistically. Its not like a sport when you just plug in a rookie and he contributes to a team.

In wrestling you can't just put an entire organization on some new guy who did well in other small promotions he was in. Sure, he may be good. But with no building fanbase over time, you don't get people paying to see you.

Russo knows this, so he is getting the younger guys in there with the vets. And even putting the young guys over on the vets too. Take Matt Morgan for instance. He is now in a small feud with Kurt Angle.

Yet, he played mind games on him for some time now. And the push from heel to face for Morgan was seamless. That is the sign of good writing if you ask me. So, as much as I hate to say it, you have to give Russo credit.

Right now, Dixie Carter is doing a lot for TNA. However, she does not know the business as much as others. She knows that, which is why she is giving the power to others that do.

Russo is one of those men. Of course, they also hired a few others to help out too. So, while Russo is the head of these teams, he is not the only man coming up with ideas.

However, over the last few months, only three men were on the creative team. Now, they have five or six. So, Russo did come up with a lot of the ideas.

Will Russo finally be a savior rather than a cancer for this promotion we call TNA? It seems likely. But what do you think?