Who Will Fill Rob Gronkowski's Role and Help Arizona End Offensive Struggles?

Michael AbbottContributor ISeptember 23, 2009

TUSCON - OCTOBER 4:  Rob Gronkowski #48 of the Arizona Wildcats carries the ball during the game against the Washington Huskies on October 4, 2008 at Arizona Stadium in Tucson, Arizona. (Photo by: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

After the disappointing result of Saturday’s game against the Iowa Hawkeyes, Mike Stoops has decided that a change needs to be made at quarterback. 

Nick Foles will be the starting quarterback over Matt Scott for the Arizona Wildcats as they begin Pac-10 play this Saturday at Oregon State, but how long might he be there? 

After the poor performance of Scott against the Hawkeyes, many students were left wondering why Stoops didn’t put Foles in sooner, electing to put him in at the start of the fourth quarter. One UA student remarked after Scott threw the ball deep, “He looks like he’s in grade school and he’s just throwing a Hail Mary.”

Arizona students just have a bad taste in their mouths after Saturday’s loss, and it didn’t help that they were showcased on national TV. After the fifth “your quarterback sucks” text from friends and family watching all over the West, you wanted to heave your phone Matt Scott-style out the window (30 yards straight up, with no real idea as to where it’s coming down).

With Foles now in the mix, how lenient will the coaching staff be with him? Is he going to get a full game to showcase what he can do? A half? It’ll be interesting to watch.

Also getting headlines after the Iowa game is the recent acknowledgement that Rob Gronkowski, all-conference junior tight end, will be out for the season. Gronkowski will undergo back surgery, which leaves a gaping hole the Wildcats offense will need to fill. 

Backup tight end junior A.J. Simmons, who has started in place of Gronkowski, will continue to get the snaps the rest of the season. 

With no real passing game through the first three games, the Wildcats offense has yet to showcase a true No. 1 receiver. With Foles taking the reins at quarterback, we will soon find out who that might be. 

Senior WR Terrell Turner is looking to have a breakout season and is hoping Foles will be able to find him on Saturday. Sophomore David Douglas is also looking to make an impact this week.

No matter who it might be, Wildcat fans are hopeful they will figure it out by Saturday.