What Time Is It? Game Time!

Casey HCorrespondent IMay 29, 2008

The lights in the stadium turn down. The crowd becomes silent for a few seconds.

Then the rock music starts blasting, the team runs out from the tunnel, fireworks and flamethrowers are going off everywhere, babies are crying, you are screaming, and do you know why?...

...because it's GAME TIME, BABY! For the next couple hours, who cares about your problems at work or at home, it's time for you to proudly scream for your team and remind the away team that they do in fact SUCK.

The lights, the fire, and the music all determine how the game is going to be. I mean if you just have just a strobe light going with Willie Nelson playing, are you really going to be excited? No. You need to see flames 100 feet in the sky and Motley Crue blasting.

It's important for not only the players to be pumped, but the fans. We need that adrenaline pumping to get into the game.

Trust me, they want you to get pumped, and especially to get mad. Why else would they sell those foam hats? I mean, do you really think it's cool to wear a block of cheese on your head?

No, it's stupid, but when the quarterback throws an interception and you're pissed, the obvious thing to do is punch the guy in front of you in the back of the head. But it's OK, because the cheesehead will protect him from any harm...I think...

Now I think the dumbest thing the NFL is does is fining players for celebrating a touchdown. When you put points on the board, you're pumped, the crowd is pumped, and you should be able to do a dance and rub it into the other team's face. We need to see more popcorn munching, hall of fame jackets, and fake bowling.

Another important part of the game is to remind the players that they suck. I know it sounds mean, but here's why.

One, they make more money in a year then most of us will make in the rest of our life, so who cares.

Two, they need to be reminded that they are not all powerful. For example look at Shaun Alexander. He was the MVP and everyone was like, "Oh, Shaun, you're so great...blah blah blah." Maybe if someone was like, "Hey Shaun, MVP? I expected more out of you. Maybe next season you could play better." If someone would have said that, he wouldn't have seemed to stop trying because he was so good.

Also, look at the Patriots last season. Belichick knows this method works, because after they dominated every team during the regular season he would say, "Yeah I think we could play better. Beating them by 50 points is not good enough."

I think players in any sport need to stop acting like, "oh, I've been there before, so I'll be calm and cool about it." No, that doesn't get fans excited.

If I were a pitcher, I would head out to the mound blasting "Baby Got Back" while the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders did a little dance around me. Maybe I would shoot off some finger pistols. Now that's sexy, and that's what the game needs.

The more excited you are to be at the game, the more the team will want to play and win for you.