B/R Wrestling Community: Humor vs. Humor Contest

Juan Correspondent ISeptember 23, 2009

Throughout my time in the Wrestling Community, I have found that Shane Howard, our CL, and Vitamin D, are the two funniest people here.

So I wanted to know: Who was funnier?

I asked them both if they were willing to do a Humor contest, and they have both agreed. So here are the details on how it will work:

There will be three rounds. Each round, both of them will have to write a humor article on a topic I give them. They will have a week's time for each round.

If both of them post their articles before the deadline, then we get to start the next round early.

In the end, I will post another article with the links to all their articles, and you can vote on the comment board on who you think is the funnier person: Vitamin D, or Shane Howard. Later, I will post the results.

Here are the topics:

  • (First Round) A wrestler
  • (Second Round) A wrestling event (includes wrestling matches, controversies, title changes, etc.)
  • (Third Round) Anything they want to write about that is related to wrestling

As you can see, the topics aren't really that specific because I didn't want to limit their choices a lot. Some people don't do well when they have really specific topics to write about.

Each writer can only post the article for the next round only after both have finished the previous round.

The first round starts today (Wednesday) and ends by the end of next Tuesday. If they both post their articles before Tuesday, we can start round two earlier, like previously mentioned.

To be honest, I'm not looking for winners and votes; I'm just looking for some humor :)