Andy Reid's Stubbornness Holding Eagles Back

Jamie BrownCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - SEPTEMBER 20:  Andy Reid, head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles walks the sidelines during a game against the New Orleans Saints at Lincoln Financial Field on September 20, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

To be honest, I'm appalled.

Michael Vick was a starting QB once upon a time, he led his team to the NFC Championship game.

He is seen as a QB with a 'twist' and despite his lethal legs, he has a bullet of an arm and just needs to work on his accuracy.

I agree he is not yet a starter for the Eagles, but he is mighty close.

Jeff Garcia, remember him? I

hate to say it, but he really is the whore of the NFL.

He's been on a grand total of seven NFL teams.

He was undrafted in '94 and when he finally came into the NFL in '98 he played for the 49ers. Then, somewhere along the way, he became an Eagle.

Garcia started after a incident I-will-not-say happened to McNabb.

Jeff donned Jaworski's 7 and went 5-1 taking the NFC East Division championship. 

Kevin Kolb, the "next Eagles franchise QB", has played part of a total of nine games, starting just one. He has a 50.6 rating, I think my mother could get that, and a 2-7 TD to INT ratio.

Sure he threw for a nice 350+ yards and two TDs against the Saints. But he also threw for three picks.

He missed open receivers time and time again, and he showed rookie mistakes in a game that should have been much closer.

So let's compare these three QBs. 

You make the decision on who you would start.

Andy Reid wants to start Kolb. Why? He is stubborn.

He let go of Dawkins because Andy is stingy.

He let go of Kearse, I would have kept him even after he took a shotgun shell to the leg.

And now he is starting the QB that is easily the worst of the three he has to choose from.

Andy thinks he Kolb is the best thing since sliced bread (and McNabb), and he has stated that he thinks Kolb is the future for this franchise. 

I fully disagree.

If you look at the NFL right now, Jeff Garcia could start for about five or six teams. Michael Vick could start for the same if not more.

Yet Reid thinks Kolb is the right choice.

His stubborn demeanor is holding this franchise back, at least for the next few weeks.

Start Garcia you stubborn stubborn man.

Remember Saints v. Eagles? Reid had another fit of stubbornness when he decided to let Kolb throw the ball.

Andrew is still sticking with his "West Coast offense forever!" mentality, but in this situation Reid needed to run the football. He dabbled in the Wildcat which was a nice change of pace, but he still gave the ball to Kolb too much. 

Give the ball to Westbrook and run it down their throats you stubborn stubborn man.